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Hot Video Alert: Neon Hitch - Get Over U

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hot Video Alert: Neon Hitch - Get Over U

I first heard about Neon Hitch a few years back when she was releasing stuff through her MySpace. Then - last year - Ke$ha started making waves. When I saw Hitch's name appear on the writing credits for Ke$ha's second single, the 3OH!3-assisted "Blah Blah Blah," and it all came back to me. Looks like Neon Hitch has been keeping busy after all.

Hearing the news that Hitch is hard at work on her debut album is beyond exciting, especially given the kind of life she's had so far. Growing up in south England, Hitch's family became gypsies (a la Snatch, minus the criminal activities) after their house burned down. After traipsing around Europe with her family, Hitch ran away to India for a while, immersing herself in the culture there before eventually settling back in London and honing her musical talents. Hitch's big break came when she signed to Mike Skinner's of The Streets) label, The Beats and later touring with Skinner and the band. While signed with The Beats Neon Hitch toured with the likes of Neneh Cherry, Professor Green and even opened for 50 Cent before The Beats closed up shop in 2007. Shortly after, Hitch met her soon-to-be manager, James Johnson of Pilot Creative Services Inc. and she was off to New York City to make a name for herself as a singer/songwriter.
"Somehow my insane ambitions brought me to New York where i met my manager 'James Johnson' and his producer 'Benny Blanco' and decided there was no one better to do my album with..." {SOURCE}
After signing with Johnson, Hitch quickly landed a publishing deal with EMI and has since worked with the likes of Ke$ha, Imogen Heap, Mike Posner, 3OH!3, Bruno Mars, Jason Derulo, Cathy Dennis, Greg Kurstin, Ryan Tedder, Rivers Coumo, David Brook and Sky Ferreira to name only a few. Now that Neon Hitch has proven to be ace at writing for other people, it was time for her to develop her own sound as a recording artist, signing with Kara DioGuardi at Warner Brothers after a writing session.

Currently working on her debut album, Beg Borrow and Steal, due out on Warner Brothers sometime in 2011, her brilliant single, "Get Over U" should be out soon as well. The song is a beautiful electro pop number with an infectious chorus that really highlights Hitch's vocal abilities perfectly - in other words, GIRL CAN SING! Taking place in a gypsy camp, the video seems to be borrowing from elements of Hitch's colorful past. Starting out with Hitch fleeing a seemingly abusive relationship, she finds solace with a gypsy fortune teller, who helps put her past behind her and move on. Hitch sounds AND looks beautiful in this video. I can only imagine what she has in store for us on her debut album. I can't wait to hear it! Check out the video for "Get Over U" below.

Check out Neon Hitch on the web:

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