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'As If' Sky Ferreira Was Going to Let Down Her Fans - New EP Due March 22nd

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

'As If' Sky Ferreira Was Going to Let Down Her Fans - New EP Due March 22nd

When it was announced back at the end of December that Sky Ferreira's debut album was going to be delayed (past it's original 1/11/2011 release date), she was adamant about giving SOMETHING to the fans to tide them over in the meantime, telling her fans in a blog post:
"Okay. My album is no longer coming out on 1-11-11...unfortunately. It was done, but things/people constantly change within ALL record labels & in life (DUH!). I am now recording even more material for the record because I feel like I've grown (musically) since when I was 15-16 years old. All of the songs will eventually come out because they are all important to me. I'm trying to push for an EP to come out in February too. It's been extremely frustrating,but you know "these kinda things happen for a reason". Thank you for the support and I'm glad I can CLARIFY what's going on...Keep your eyes peeled for some big things happening this winter...STAY TUNED! <3 PS . I am still on EMI
While February has come and gone, March is here and on March 22nd we'll get a little bit more Sky to keep us happy until her album's projected summer release on Capitol Records.  As If, a five-track EP will be released digitally on March 22nd, and each of the 5-tracks is a little gem in and of itself and a really good indicator of what we can expect on her debut album.  The EP's lead single, "Sex Rules" is a synthy pop anthem sure to make people stop, listen and wonder 'WHO IS THIS GIRL?'  Musically, the track may sound more like her debut U.S. single "Obsession" than (my personal favorite) "One" but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.  If you remember, Sky was candid about her thoughts on the commercial appeal of "Obsession" and why it was a better choice for her to release it in America, but all of that being said, "Obsession" wasn't a bad track.  If anything, it was just a little too generic.  When I first heard "One" I was BLOWN away so coming off of a high like that, it's no surprise that "Obsession" was a bit of a disappointment.

The As If EP has a little bit of something for everyone.  "Traces," a lovely electro/piano-laden ballad starts out softly with minimal electronic blips and beeps, really showcasing Sky Ferreira: the vocalist.  While it eventually reverts back to "One" territory it's a nice little pop oasis in an otherwise electro-heavy desert.  "Haters Anonymous" is an infectious electro-pop number that recalls Janet Jackson's 1994 single "Throb."  "Throb" went on to peak at #2 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart back in 1994.  While the Sky song features a lot of vocal effects, we already know the girl can sing so now it's all about fun, something which there is no shortage of here. "99 Tears" is probably my favorite track off the EP. It's an up-tempo electro/pop disco-stomper full of energy and vigor.  Sky's vocal style on this track is a perfect combination of hardness and softness, really delivering where it counts on the hook.  Finally, "108," the last track on the EP is another little genius electro-ballad similar in many ways to "One," at least in the instrumentation and effects.  All in all, a solid effort.
The As If EP is a perfect little sampler platter before the main course, Sky's as-yet-untitled debut album which is due out this Summer on Capitol Records.  Ferreira has been in London and Sweden putting the finishing touches on the album - "a sparkling collection of electronic pop tunes that combine lustrous melodies with spare, digitized beats."  Ferreira teamed up with a STRONG collective of songwriters and producers including Bloodshy & Avant ("One"), Greg Kurstin, Dallas Austin and Teddybears.  After the disappointing chart performances of "One" in Europe (the single peaked at #64 in the UK) and "Obsession" in the States (the single peaked at #37 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play Chart) it makes sense that Capitol sent Ferreira back into the studio to make some more music.

I'm honestly surprised that Ferreira hasn't yet taken off, especially in Europe, a market I  thought "One" would excel in.  Here in America, I am more disappointed than I am shocked, with regards to "Obsession"'s lack of success.  Despite appearances on the official soundtrack for The Vampire Diaries as well as an appearance as a bonus track on the digital version of Now that's What I Call Music Vol. 35 - the single failed to attract mainstream attention. Here's hoping that the new EP and album give Ferreira the chance to shine that she so deserves.  In addition to being busy with music, Sky has also been working on her burgeoning modeling career. The 18-year old stunner currently is starring in advertising campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger's Kids of America Spring/Summer Denim collection AND Calvin Klein's CD One Spring 2011 Lifestyle line. Additionally, Ferreira flexed her acting chops in Matt Porterfield's indie film, Putty Hill. The movie garnered lots of critical acclaim after premiering at SXSW and the Berlin International Film Festival. Sky really is a little star, isn't she? Download "Sex Rules" on iTunes HERE.

Check out Sky Ferreira on the web:

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