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Andrea Corr Releases New Album, Single and Video

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Andrea Corr Releases New Album, Single and Video

Andrea Corr first came to my attention back in 1996 when she had a bit part in Alan Parker's big screen adaption of the musical Evita, starring Madonna. Corr only played the part of Juan Peron's mistress and had no speaking lines, but something about her presence struck me. Later on, of course, I discovered that she was a part of Irish folk rock/pop band The Corrs, who back in 1996 had already released their debut album Forgiven, Not Forgotten (Atlantic, 143, Lava).  The album, which ultimately went Gold in America must have completely missed my radar, as I was basically oblivious to The Corrs until their 2000 album In Blue.  In addition to her work with The Corrs, Andrea Corr has had some success as a solo artist as well, releasing her debut album Ten Feet High back in 2007 on Atlantic Records.  Now, nearly four years later, Corr is ready to release her sophomore effort, Lifelines on May 30th in the UK via AC Records.

"Tinseltown In The Rain, " the first single lifted from Lifelines, is available to download on UK iTunes HERE.  The album was produced by John Reynolds (Belinda Carlisle, Sinéad O'Connor) and features co-production on several tracks by Brian Eno (U2, Coldplay).  The album is a compilation of songs that have personal meaning to Corr, including her take on tracks originally written/performed by John Lennon, Roy Orbison, The Velvet Underground, Kirsty McColl, Harry Nilsson, Ron Sexsmith, Nick Drake and The Blue Nile.  The album, which is available to Pre-Order HERE, will be available as both a standard edition CD and as a special edition, complete with a bonus DVD.

Throughout their career as a group, The Corrs did see a few modest hits here in America, including  "Runaway" (#68) and "The Right Time," (#112) both from their debut album and "Breathless" in 2000 from their album, In Blue.  Their cover of Ryan Adams' "When The Stars Go Blue," featuring U2 frontman Bono might be one of their more well known songs here in America.  Recorded for their 2002 live album, VH1 Presents: The Corrs, Live in Dublin, the single made it all the way up to #18 on the Billboard Adult Top 40 chart.  As a solo artist, Corr has focused on Europe and is yet to release material here in the States.  Her debut album, Ten Feet High peaked at #38 on the UK Albums chart and #24 on the Irish Albums chart, while over in Spain, the album was a Top Ten hit.  This new record will be her first since Ten Feet High, which you can sample below.

Andrea Corr Album Sampler by Andrea Corr

Check out the album tracklisting, tour dates and the video for "Tinseltown In The Rain," all below the cut.


1. State Of Independence
2. I’ll Be Seeing You
3. No 9 Dream
4. Blue Bayou
5. Pale Blue Eyes
6. From The Morning
7. They Don’t Know
8. Lifeline
9. Tomorrow In Your Eyes
10. Some Things Last A Long Time
11. Tinsletown In The Rain

Tour Dates:

May 29th//Birmingham Glee Club
May 30th//Glasgow Oran Moor
June 1st//Salford Lowry
June 2nd//London Union Chapel
Check out Andrea Corr on the web:

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