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Hot Video Alert: Britney Spears - I Wanna Go

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hot Video Alert: Britney Spears - I Wanna Go

The new Britney Spears video for "I Wanna Go" is here and it's basically amazing. Sure, in this post apocalyptic "Toxic" Brit Brit universe, no video will ever be as amazing as "Toxic" but I'd like to point out several decently hot BS videos that have come out post 2003.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

"Piece Of Me" - While nothing groundbreaking, following the Shakespearean tragedy that was the "Gimme More" video, it was nice to see Britney having more fun.  Sure, the dance breaks are uninspired, but keep in mind this was from Blackout, her post breakdown album so the fact that she was in the video at all was a blessing. (Directed by Wayne Isham) 
"Womanizer" - The first single from her SIXTH studio album, Circus, "Womanizer" was a rousing return for a happy, healthy, back to normal Britney.  In the clip we see Britney playing a variety of bad girl roles, everything from the naughty secretary,  the naughty waitress, the naughty limo driver and yes...even the naughty naked girl in the sauna.  It was in this video for "Womanizer" that we got a taste of the In The Zone Britney.  The costume changes and energetic choreography were both reminiscent of that bygone era when Britney Spears looked like she was actually having fun. (Directed by Joseph Kahn) 
"Circus" - Sure, the beginning of the "Circus" video played like a commercial for one of her perfumes, but by the time she steps into the spotlight with that sexy top hat and long black coat, it's ON!  I haven't been this mesmerized by a circus-themed music video since Christina's emotionally draining "Hurt" video.  Once again, the choreography is top notch.  Brit Brit is full of life and sex appeal. Whether she's standing in front of a sheet of falling sparks, in between two lions or back-lit by a spotlight, she looks great here. (Directed by Francis Lawrence) 
"Hold It Against Me" - While it starts out as yet another commercial for perfume,things take a turn for the better once the song gets started.  The video is visually a stunner.  Everything from the beautiful lighting and super cool microphone wreath-thing, to the paint shooting out of her finger tips and Britney vs. Britney death match...TO DIE FOR.  If there's one complaint I keep hearing from the Femme Fatale era of videos (and mind you...there have only been three so far) is that the choreography this time around leaves much to be desired.  While I'm inclined to agree, I was never THAT blown away by Britney's dancing abilities.  While her "singing" abilities also leave something to be desired, for me, it was always about the spectacle and in the "Hold It Against Me" video she certainly delivers a spectacle.  (Directed by Jonas Åkerlund)
And now...a new Britney masterpiece..."I Wanna Go."  The video, which premiered on VEVO yesterday morning, is another Britney classic.  Spears brings back the slightly tired "me vs. the paparazzi" theme, except this time she brings more of a sense of humor.  The video starts out as a press conference where Britney badly acts through all of her lines (maybe intentionally?) where she takes a few of the standard questions ("Britney, can you confirm reports that you're pregnant with Brad Pitt's love child?"), ultimately cursing out everyone in the room with a "FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, you're cool, FUCK YOU – I'm out" AMAZING.

Britney busts out of the doorway wearing a ripped up Mickey Mouse T-Shirt, an homage to her days on The New Mickey Mouse Club (thanks Wikipedia!) looking hot, but a little young and trampy at the same time. Looks like her image might have just been to fit in with the video's theme. According to the director, Chris Marrs Piliero:
"The song is really fun, really upbeat with lots of sexual undertones -- but the key lyric for me was “be a little inappropriate.” That stood out but I didn't want to make a video that was all about sexual inappropriateness – that wasn't the vibe that either of us wanted. We were on the same page about exploring fun ways for her to be inappropriate." {SOURCE}
Britney continues on her path of destruction... grabbing a fan's ass, flashing a child, getting frisked by a hot police officer and fighting off a troupe of robot paparazzi with her magic microphone. All before escaping the madness for a little road trip with actor Guillermo Díaz (the scene with all of the F-Bombs was a reference to Half Baked, a movie starring Díaz).

And then Britney wakes up. Of COURSE it was a dream. The video ends with Guillermo Díaz (playing the role of her manager) whisking her away from the paparazzi, turning and winking with glowing red eyes and laughing maniacally - an obvious Thriller reference.

Now how could you hate on this little masterpiece?  With so many references, there's a little something for everyone in this video.  I love that Britney is poking fun at herself so much here. It's really great that she's back doing what she does best.  Oh...who's excited for Cross Roads 2: Cross Harder? *SIGH* If only.  I would love to see what song lyric one of the characters turns into a riveting piece of spoken verse ("Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" anyone?  "Mmm Papi" would make a great poem, no?  Or perhaps "Someday (I Will Understand)" )

Produced by Max Martin and Shellback, (who also wrote the track, alongside Savan Kotecha) "I Wanna Go" was released to U.S. radio stations on June 7th  and released digitally in Europe June 13th as a promotional single.  The song first entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart at #73 during the week of April 16th and peaked at #37 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart.  Download Femme Fatale on U.S. iTunes HERE.  Also worth a look, an interview with the "I Wanna Go" video director, Chris Marrs Piliero, over on the New York Post's pop blog, PopWrap.

Tell me what you think about the new video and if you think I missed any other classic POST IN THE ZONE Britney Spears videos.

Check out Britney Spears on the web:

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