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Oh Land Releases 'Rainbow' Video, Tours with Sia and Katy Perry

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh Land Releases 'Rainbow' Video, Tours with Sia and Katy Perry

Danish-born, New York-based singer/songwriter/producer Oh Land just released the simple, yet stunning video for her song "Rainbow," easily one of my favorite tracks off of the album. One of my 'Ones To Watch in 2011,' Oh Land is a former dancer turned singer/songwriter who released her self titled debut U.S. album last March. The album peaked at #184 here in America, which is pretty freakin' awesome, considering that she's virtually unknown here. A follow up to her debut album, Fauna, sophomore release Oh Land features production from Dan Carey (La Roux, Christina Aguilera), Dave McCracken (Shakira, Beyonce), Lester Mendez (Enrique Iglesias, Jessica Simpson) and Alexis Smith. Oh Land made her U.S. television debut on March 2nd, performing on The Late Show with David Letterman, singing her first international single, the eerily-catchy "Sun Of A Gun."

The video for "Rainbow" features a glitter-faced Claudia Schiffer Oh Land (AKA Nanna ├śland Fabricius) singing around a glittery frame of some sort against a black background. The video, while mostly in color, does fade into sepia/black & white from time to time creating a cool visual.

Oh Land is currently on tour in Europe, where she'll play Glastonbury in the UK before heading off to Switzerland. She'll be back in America next month, opening for Aussie singer/songwriter Sia, on tour promoting her latest album, We Are Born. Oh Land has also been invited to join Katy Perry on select U.S. dates of her California Dreams Tour in August, following Perry overseas to perform during the UK and Ireland leg of our tour. Download the album on U.S. iTunes HERE You can also pick up Fauna if you're so inclined.

Tour Dates:

June 24//Glastonbury Festival//Somerset, UK
July 15th//Montreaux Jazz Festival//Montreaux, Switzerland
July 17th//Latitude Festival//Suffolk, UK
July 21st//First Avenue//Minneapolis, MN**
July 22nd//Metro//Chicago, IL**
July 23rd//St. Andrews Hall//Detroit, MI**
July 24th//Phoenix Concert Theatre//Toronto, ONT**
July 26th//Webster Hall//New York, NY**
July 27th//Webster Hall//New York, NY**
July 28th//9:30 Club//Washington, DC**
July 30th//Osheaga Festival Musique et Arts//Montreal, QC**
July 31st//House of Blues//Boston, MA**
August 1st//The Trocadero//Philadelphia, PA**
August 3rd//Variety Playhouse//Atlanta, GA**
August 5th//House of Blues//New Orleans, LA**
August 6th//Warehouse Live Studio//Houston, TX**
August 7th//Granada Theater//Dallas, TX**
August 9th//Valley View Casino//San Diego, CA (WITH KATY PERRY)
August 10th//The Wiltern//Los Angeles, CA**
August 11th//House of Blues//San Diego, CA**
August 12th//HP Pavilion//San Jose, CA (WITH KATY PERRY)
August 13th//Country Bowl//Santa Barbara, CA (WITH KATY PERRY)
August 14th//Country Bowl//Santa Barbara, CA (WITH KATY PERRY)
August 16th//Wonder Ballroom//Portland, OR**
August 17th//The Showbox SODO//Seattle, WA**
August 19th//Commodore Ballroom//Vancouver, B.C.**
September 1st//Store Vega//Copenhagen, Denmark
October 12th//Motorpoint Arena//Sheffield, UK (WITH KATY PERRY)
October 14th//O2 Arena//London, UK (WITH KATY PERRY)
October 15th//O2 Arena//London, UK (WITH KATY PERRY)
October 18th//Echo Arena//Liverpool, UK (WITH KATY PERRY)
October 19th//International Arena//Cardiff, UK (WITH KATY PERRY)
October 24th//Odyssey Arena//Belfast, Ireland (WITH KATY PERRY)
October 26th//NIA Arena//Birmingham, UK (WITH KATY PERRY)
October 27th//Metro Arena//Newcastle, UK (WITH KATY PERRY)
October 29th//AECC//Aberdeen, UK (WITH KATY PERRY)
October 31st//MEN Arena//Manchester, UK (WITH KATY PERRY)
November 1st//SECC Hall 3//Glasgow, UK (WITH KATY PERRY)
November 3rd//SECC Hall 3//Glasgow, UK (WITH KATY PERRY)
November 4th//SECC Hall 3//Glasgow, UK (WITH KATY PERRY)
November 5th//Trent FM Arena//Nottingham, UK (WITH KATY PERRY)
November 7th//O2//Dublin, Ireland (WITH KATY PERRY)
November 8th//O2//Dublin, Ireland (WITH KATY PERRY)

**Denotes A Performance Opening for SIA
Check out Oh Land on the web:

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