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Tatiana Readies Release of Single #2, Gets Steamy in New Video

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tatiana Readies Release of Single #2, Gets Steamy in New Video

On August 22nd, Polish pop star Tatiana will release her jazzy new single, the Tim Hutton (Prodigy, Groove Armada, Mutya Buena) penned and produced "Been A Fool." A standout track on her debut international album, Spider Web, "Been A Fool" is the perfect vehicle for Tatiana's trademark sultry vocals.  Just like it's predecessor, the equally stunning debut single, "Spider Web," "Been A Fool" has also been given a club reworking, this time by Seamus Haji (Rihanna, MIKA, Sugababes). Also on the mix, songwriter and producer Ash Howes (Kylie Minogue, Marina and The Diamonds, Ellie Goulding) and Cob. The Howes version is a great alternative for radio, while the dancier Cob Mix nearly completely masks over Tatiana's vocal with various effects. Tatiana debuted the Seamus Haji mix at Kapp Club in Tallinn, Estonia during Baltic Pride, bringing the crowd to their feet.  The remix has already been playlisted by Dutch dance radio station OUTRADIO, according to Tatiana's Facebook.
"I debuted the dance mix by Seamus Haji at Kapp Club in Tallinn Estonia during Baltic Pride last week and the place went insane. The Ash Howes mix is also just right for UK radio. It's very, very cool, and I am hoping this is the track that will bring me a bigger UK audience. It's all very well being famous in Europe, but I have enormous respect for the culture of UK pop, and to establish myself professionally in the UK is my absolute goal."
I have to say, I am a bit disappointed that "Spider Web" didn't take off in the UK when it was released this past April, but here's hoping "Been A Fool" makes a bigger splash. As evidenced by the countless international artists who've tried and failed to crack the notoriously difficult U.S. music scene, breaking a new market is extremely difficult, even for an artist as established as Tatiana. Already a Platinum-selling vocalist in her native country of Poland, Tatiana absolutely deserves a shot in the UK.

First single, "Spider Web" debuted on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 and was featured on BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour, not to mention topping the chart on Polish Radio London. In addition to these prominent features, the song had support in Canada, Australia and even here in the States, where the remixes were a hit on dance radio.

The steamy hot video for "Been A Fool" was directed by Steve Glashier (Fatboy Slim, Juliette Lewis) and features art direction and styling by Miguel Dare of Givenchy. Shot at the trendy night spot, Beach Blanket Babylon in Shoreditch, North of London, the video features a super sexy Tatiana taking on the role of a lounge singer. In the video, Tatiana is an equal opportunity lover, getting attention from both the boys and the girls. Hot hot HOT!  Looks like the filming was quite the experience!
"Working with Steve was superb," explains Tatiana. "He totally got the theme of 'Been A Fool', of messed-up love, and what can happen in a club like Beach Blanket! I met Miguel, the Art Director while he was DJing at Bungalow 8 in London and knew he would be right. The look and feel of the video is exactly how I see modern clubbing in London. It's a glamorous world of boys and girls and everything in between. It's no wonder that London is attracting the best and brightest artists in every genre from Europe right now..."
In the months leading up the singles August 22nd release on Upside Records in the UK and Sony in Europe, Tatiana will be busy promoting through a series of shows throughout Europe including numerous appearances at LGBT Pride events all over Europe. Tatiana is an honorary member of Warsaw Pride and a proud supporter of LGBT events all over Europe.

Backed by a talented 7 piece band, members from which have on the soundtrack to Ocean's Eleven and alongside talents such as Amy Winehouse and Corinne Bailey Rae, Tatiana is ready to take her show on the road. Make sure you check her website for all the latest tour information and to listen to the fabulous "Been A Fool" remixes. In the meantime, feast your eyes (and ears) on the "Been A Fool" music video below.  Download Spider Web on UK iTunes HERE, the remixes HERE and check out my interview with Tatiana HERE.

Tour Dates:

June 25th//Witches Night//Kielce, Poland
August 6th//Stockholm Pride, Sweden Royal Gardens Main Stage Headliner//Stockholm, Sweden
August 28th//Viaduct Showbar//Leeds, UK
September 3rd//Leicester Pride//Leicester, UK
September 15th//St. Petersburg Pride//St. Petersburg, Russia
Check out Tatiana on the web:

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