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Canadian Singer-Songwriter Colin Munroe Drops Innovative New Music Video; Mixtape Out Soon, Debut Album Due 2013

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Canadian Singer-Songwriter Colin Munroe Drops Innovative New Music Video; Mixtape Out Soon, Debut Album Due 2013

Colin Munroe

Canadian singer/songwriter and Capitol Records recording artist Colin Munroe has partnered with the world's leading "augmented reality platform," Aurasma, to create a super cool "augmented reality" music lyric installation for Munroe's most recent single, "Invincible," featuring RZA and Memoryhouse.  All fans have to do is download the free Aurasma Lite app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, point their mobile devices at the "trigger" image of Colin BELOW and BAM!  The song's lyrics come to life. AMAZING what technology can do these days.

Colin Munroe

WeSC x RZA: Chambers by RZA, supported the production with headphones fans can use in correlation with the Aurasma app to increase the audio experience while interacting with the installation in store, or fans can simply point their iPhones and Androids at the ABOVE image anywhere it appears on the Community 54 installation in Toronto (open through May 15th), online or in print.  Now, that's effing cool!  According to Vice President of Digital Marketing for EMI Music, Charlotte Robertson:
“At EMI we are constantly looking for partners that enable us to link the offline and online worlds in ways that provide a seamless and valuable experience to drive discovery of an artist. Aurasma have proven to be the ideal partner to help achieve this for Colin.”
It's INSANE to watch the rate at which new social media platforms and applications keep popping up, especially as it relates to music.  Social media has literally changed the way artists communicate with their fans and this partnership with Aurasma is no exception.

"Invincible" was produced by Grammy-winning producer and founding Wu-Tang Clan member, RZA and is featured on Munroe's upcoming mixtape, Unsung Hero, presented by Karmaloop and WeSC x RZA: Chambers by RZA.  The accompanying video was co-conceived by Colin and music video director Philip Sportel.  Shot over a period of two days, "Sportel transposed the song's lyrics in black gaffer tape against the whitewashed walls at Men's nostalgia boutique Community 54" in Toronto, Canada (where Munroe now calls home).  The installation was then subsequently photographed and edited into the finished video (SEE BELOW).  Jennifer Rapp, general manger of Aurasma, explains the concept of "augmented reality," and how it's a great opportunity for artists looking to increase exposure in a fun, innovative way:
“Augmented reality creates a new channel for music artists to share their talents with the world.  By integrating music videos with printed posters, innovative artists like Colin Munroe are taking center stage in this whole new arena and exposing their music to a broader audience. We are thrilled to see our platform lend itself to the music & entertainment industry in this capacity.”
31 year old Colin Munroe grew up in Ontario, where he fell in love with his father's old 60s and 70s LPs.  As Munroe got older and eventually left home for Toronto, these old school favorites gave way to more contemporary urban and alternative styles.  After he started hanging out with MCs and DJs, Munroe quickly found his passion and started writing and producing.  Completely self-taught, Munroe now writes, produces and performs nearly all his own music, "mixing the ideas and aesthetics of 'pop' and 'underground' effortlessly."  Munroe's style, a mix of both old and new vibes, is completely fresh and original, something you don't hear to much of these days.

While it was a remix of Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" that first put Colin Munroe on the map back in 2008, it's been more recent collaborations with Drake, Talib Kweli, Travie McCoy (Gym Class Heroes), Kendrick Lamar and Wale, that have since boosted his exposure and subsequent name recognition.  Stay tuned for Colin's debut album, due early next year via Capitol Records. "Invincible" is available as a free download right now on Colin's official website.

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