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Melanie C Plans Ibiza-Inspired Dance EP, The Night, Due May 13th

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Melanie C Plans Ibiza-Inspired Dance EP, The Night, Due May 13th

Melanie C

On May 13th, Melanie C (AKA "Sporty Spice") will release a BRAND NEW Ibiza-inspired dance EP called The Night.  In the works since early last year, the three track EP is a collaboration with London-based DJ Jodie Harsh.  Back in February 2011, Melanie spoke with celebrity columnist Dean Piper at an InStyle event, gushing about the collaboration, saying:

"Jodie's got a good grasp of what I want to do and we're hoping to return to the 'I Turn To You' days with some big dance hits."
While, initially there was speculation (mostly on my part) that the collaboration was to be part of Melanie's fifth studio album, this turned out not to be the case.  Melanie's fifth album, The Sea (released last September on Red Girl Records), featured production predominantly from Andy Chatterly, Cutfather and Greg Hatwell with songwriting assistance from Ash Howes, Richard "Biff" Stannard, Guy Chambers and others.  While the album did include a couple of more up-tempo numbers, it was mostly pop/rock, along the same lines as her previous two indie releases.  While I'll give anything Chisholm puts out, a chance, with the announcement of this new EP, I am literally SHAKING with anticipation.

Over the next couple weeks, by way of Melanie's official site, we'll be teased with bits of information, artwork, and song previews, starting with yesterdays big track listing unveiling, in which we learned a bit about each of the EP's three tracks.  Here we go...please try and contain your excitement;
Set You Free: The lead track introduces the EP with light dub-step moments and thrusts into full-on hands in the air synths and a tight kick drum. Through big anthemic vocals Melanie sings about the freedom you feel in that perfect dance floor moment – blinded by lights, drowning in the music, feeling the love from your friends. 
Sunrise:  It's immediately apparent this song is inspired by nights out in Ibiza. The track boasts a big-room sound with a killer beat and chopped up vocals. Girl meets boy, dances the night away, boy looks just as great in the sunlight the following day. A holiday romance and a real peak-time dance floor moment
Walk Away:  Taking things a little slower, the final song narrates the organic end to a relationship and the weight it brings off your shoulders...a sigh of relief and a 'change of atmosphere'. Mid-tempo and orchestral, it's a dramatic ending to the EP with it's big hip hop drum and a epic build. {SOURCE}
Dubstep.  "Hands in the air synths." Anthemic vocals.  Dance floor moment. Ibiza. Big-room sound. Killer beat. Orchestral.  Hip hop drum. Epic build.  ARE YOU GUYS AS EXCITED AS I AM? I can hardly keep it in, I'm so pumped!  The Night EP will be released May 13th on iTunes and will come with a digital booklet including song lyrics and some beautiful artwork, shot by fashion photographer Tim Bret-Day (a sampling of which you can see in the photo above).

Melanie C The Night

While she's predominantly known Stateside for her work with the Spice Girls, Melanie C's had a successful solo career in Europe, starting with her 1999 debut album, Northern Star (Virgin Records).  The album (which debuted at #4) spawned four top 5 UK Singles including two #1s; "Never Be The Same Again," featuring the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes of TLC fame; and "I Turn To You," which is arguably her best known single.  The Grammy-winning single edit of the song was remixed to perfection by Hex Hector and provided Chisholm with her first Billboard #1, topping the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart back in 2000.  Sophomore set, Reason, was also a top 5 hit for Melanie C, however not nearly as successful as it's predecessor.  The album spawned only one top 10 single ("Here It Comes Again") despite being filled with amazing songs ("Yeh Yeh Yeh"). Relatively disappointing for the former Spice Girl.

After parting ways with Virgin, Melanie C started her own indie label, Red Girl Records and released three albums between 2005 and 2011.  2005's Beautiful Intentions was her highest charting indie album of the three, peaking at #24 on the UK Albums Chart.  Ever since going the indie route, Melanie C's sound has remained consistent, sitting comfortably somewhere between pop and rock.  Of course, sprinkled throughout the latter part of her discography there have been up-tempo numbers ("Next Best Superstar," "I Want Candy," "Rock Me," "Think About It"), they all straddled the line between pop and pop/rock.  From the looks of it, this new EP is the first decidedly DANCE music to come out of Melanie C since "I Turn To You" rocked the clubs nearly twelve years ago.  Hopefully now, you can see just why I am so excited about this!

Check out the Hex Hector remix of "I Turn To You" and download Melanie C on iTunes BELOW.

Check out Melanie C on the web:

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