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Five Questions With: Lisa Maffia

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Five Questions With: Lisa Maffia

Lisa Maffia

Platinum-selling UK garage/grime QUEEN Lisa Maffia will release her sexy new club banger, "Don't Stop The Music" July 2nd to digital music retailers WORLDWIDE via her own label Maffia Recordz.  Lisa took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a some of my BURNING questions surrounding the new single, album and various other projects she has going on at the moment.

Lisa first hit it big as a member of So Solid Crew, racking up five Top 20 hits, including the platinum-selling "21 Seconds" and the platinum album They Don't Know.  As a solo artist, Maffia continued to dominate the UK charts with two Top 10 singles, including the platinum-selling "All Over," which impressively debuted at #2 on the UK Singles Chart back in 2003, spending three weeks in the Top 10.  While Lisa Maffia dabbled in electro-house music as a featured artist on Dave Spoon's 2007 club hit, "Bad Girl (At Night)," 2012 marks her return to the genre that launched her career nearly twelve years ago.

MIMKSB  Listening to "Don't Stop The Music," I'm taken back to your 2003 debut single, "All Over." The new single features elements of garage, R&B and hip-hop - what made you decide to stick with that familiar genre, versus going in more of an electro/house direction like you did on "Bad Girl (At Night)?"  
Lisa Maffia You should always do what you feel comfortable with and UKG up tempo club bangers is my kind of music. 
MIMKSB What else can you tell us about your upcoming new album, in terms of collaborations? Is "Don't Stop The Music" a good indication of what fans can expect to hear on the new record?    
Lisa Maffia You all can expect many more tracks for you all to dance to, to have fun too. I have collaborated with many up & coming artists and producers and i have a few secret features from established artists too shhhhhh.  
MIMKSB Since the major label release of your solo debut [First Lady] back in 2003, you've gone ahead and launched your own label, Maffia Recordz. How are you finding the independent process? Can you list some pros and cons to going the indie route?  
Lisa Maffia The Pros are that you get to make all your own choices on everything and get to reap all the rewards. The cons are that it's time consuming and difficult to make choices for yourself. It's also a lot of pressure as you will have to make choices in so many areas of the music industry at once, ie: marketing, PR. 
MIMKSB Your new single features a up & coming R&B artist and new addition to the Maffia Recordz roster, Tyler Daley. What can you tell me about how you discovered Tyler and the process involved in signing him to your label?  
Lisa Maffia He is an undeniable amazing talent, I would have been a fool to not get involved in trying to establish his career further. He came to Maffia Recordz with an albums worth of strong tracks and a skill to create and at the same time create a unique style on each record. 
MIMKSB Besides music, what other projects do you and your company, House of Maffia, have going on right now?    
Lisa Maffia Booking agency, clothing line and styling agency, and a production company. 
MIMKSB Thank you for your time Lisa! Can't wait to hear what's next for you!

Lisa Maffia Don't Stop The Music

Pre-order "Don't Stop the Music" now and download it July 2nd via Maffia Recordz (iTunes US/iTunes UK).  The 4-track EP features three remixes from Oxide, Raw and Shanke and Scottie B.  Check out the video BELOW and get ready, cos Lisa Maffia is back ya'll!

Check out Lisa Maffia on the web:

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