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The X Factor's Misha B to Release MASSIVE Debut Single, 'Home Run, July 15th

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The X Factor's Misha B to Release MASSIVE Debut Single, 'Home Run, July 15th

Misha B

20 year old singer/songwriter Misha B releases her official debut single, "Home Run" July 15th via Relentless Records/Sony. Produced by rising UK producer MNEK (The Saturdays, Diana Vickers, Parade) "Home Run" features a righteous blend of genres including, R&B, reggae and drum and bass, proving that Misha B hasn't lost that special something that carried her through last season of The X Factor.

Hailing from Manchester, Misha B started out on the open mic circuit, tuning her instrument perfecting her performance, all the time combating and ultimately overcoming a nasty bout of stage fright.  Eventually making her mark as one of the most interesting and dynamic performers on The X Factor; Series 8, Misha B finished in fourth place.  Following the X Factor tour, Misha threw herself into new material, dropping a fresh new mixtape, Why, Hello World, which clocked over 16,000 downloads, 25,000 streams and became Radio 1Xtra's 'Mixtape of the Week.'  Featuring a selection of original material, as well as popular cover songs like "Rolling In The Deep" (Adele), "Mirror" (Lil' Wayne) and "Climax" (Usher), Misha B's mixtape was the perfect precursor for what's sure to be one of the year's most exciting albums.

Towards the end of her run on X Factor, judge/mentor Tulisa Constostavlos criticized Misha B for bullying the other contestants, and being overly cocky, advising her to "channel that energy on stage."  Upon listening to "Home Run," it would appear that Misha B is continuing to channel that energy as she moves forward with her solo career.  The single is a feisty bit of urban pop that firmly plants the X Factor alum on the map, right alongside talents such as (label mate) Ms. Dynamite, (Admitted Misha B-fan) Missy Elliott, Jamelia and Amy Winehouse

The song's fake-you-out R&B intro seamlessly transitions into a glitchy drum & bass beat, perfectly complementing Misha B's brazen, soulful vocal delivery.  Backed by remixes from Kat Krazy, Zed Bias and Taiki & Nulight, "Home Run" is sure to live up to it's namesake this summer when it hits the UK club scene. Listen to the Zed Bias and Taiki & Nulight mixes BELOW.

"'Home Run is about that special someone who gets you so excited, so hyped that you lose control! When I perform it, I feel that same energy on stage - it makes you wanna dance!  It's based on a ballad I wrote about my ex and I just changed it up to give it a fresh, fun vibe."
Good call on freshening up the ballad.  While part of me would love to hear the song in it's originally intended format, utilizing the talents of MNEK definitely add a whole new hip dynamic to the song.  In addition to MNEK, Misha B worked with a diverse range of producers on her forthcoming album, including TMS (Professor Green, Wretch 32), and Naughty Boy (Emeli Sande).  

Check out the JUST DROPPED music video for "Home Run," directed by Rohan Blair-Mangat featuring a FIERCE, flirty and PLAYFUL Misha B flanked by a troop of backup dancers lots of neon spray paint (U.S. readers, I included the REMIX VIDEO for the Kat Krazy remix, as the regular video isn't watchable here in the States - listen to the single version HERE). "Home Run" is a very promising start to an undoubtedly long and flourishing career for Misha B.

Misha B - Home Run (Kat Krazy Remix) from Matt nevin on Vimeo.

Check out Misha B on the web:

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