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My European Music Shopping Experience

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My European Music Shopping Experience

Alright. Back to the music. I just returned yesterday from my week long European excursion to London, Munich & Ingolstadt. Had lots of fun and didn't really spend money on anything other than food, drink and music! Here's a quick rundown on some of my music purchases.

Tower Bridge, London
Photo by Jamie Sward, Please Contact Me Before Using

London - So apparently there are a couple of HMVs on Oxford Street but I only found one of them. The last time I was in London, I visited the HMV and found a LOT more selection in the way of CD singles. This one had one wall. Very disapointing. I also got some CDs at the HMV at London Heathrow.

Polly Scattergood Polly Scattergood - Polly Scattergood (2009): While I already downloaded her album as soon as it leaked, I had to pick up a hard copy. It's a fantastic album and it sees a US release later this Spring. Polly Scattergood is one to look out for, most definitely.

Noisettes Noisettes - Wild Young Heart (2009): I enjoyed most of the Noisettes' last album, What's The Time Mr. Wolf?, and this was one of the new releases that came out just before I arrived. Haven't really listened to the album yet, other than first single "Don't Upset The Rhythm."

Gossip - Standing In The Way of Control (2006): I quite enjoy Gossip...especially Beth Ditto's vocals and fashion sense. I loved seeing her in all her glory on the cover of this month's Out magazine. I also look forward to the band's major label debut later this year.

GossipGossip - Rework It (2008): Rework It features remixes for "Listen Up," "Standing In The Way of Control," "Jealous Girls," and "YR Mangled Heart." I had some of these mixes from various sources but I was happy to find these all in one place.

Calvin HarrisCalvin Harris - I'm Not Alone (CD Single) (2009): I was hoping the single would have some mixes but oh well. This track wasn't available on iTunes in the US (at least not yet). The single only includes the radio edit and an extended mix but it's a dope track. I love it. Plus I have a crush on Calvin Harris.

ChicaneChicane - The Best of Chicane - 1996 - 2008 (2008): I primarily purchased this collection for one song...Chicane's 2007 track featuring American vocalist Jewel - "Spirit." This track has always been a favorite of mine and in the album notes, Chicane says that he wouldn't rule out releasing it as a single at some point. In fact, in 2007 there was a limited release promo CDR with reworks by Chicane and WAWA. Hot commodity! The rest of the album has some hot songs featuring the vocal work of Tom Jones, Keane, Bryan Adams and Natasha Bedingfield. Quality dance music.

Anastacia - Heavy Rotation (2009): Anastacia's last album, released everywhere except the United States of course. I already had this album downloaded but I love my Anastacia and wanted a copy of the CD for myself.

Ingolstadt, Germany
Photo by Jamie Sward, Please Contact Me Before Using

Ingolstadt - On my second day in Germany, my friend Amelia took me to Müller, this German chain store that sells everything from household items to CDs. I spent about 25 - 30 minutes perusing the CD section and picked up the following.

Christina Sturmer
Christina Stürmer - In Dieser Stadt (2009): My friend Amelia said that one of her songs on the radio was pretty good. I wanted to get a CD in German, despite not knowing a lick of German. Haven't yet listened to the CD but I'm excited to give it a go. Christina Stürmer is from Austria and apparently pretty popular out there and in Germany. The good thing about Müller was it's selection of CD singles. While not amazing, it was better than HMV!

Sarah Connor Sarah Connor - Soulicious (2007): Now Sarah Connor and I have a love hate relationship. I think she's released some gems in her time...and some completely laughable crap. While this CD questionably straddles the "crap" line...I have all of her other CDs so I sort of just wanted to round out my collection. This album is full of soul covers plus 2 original songs. I wish that her version of "Sexual Healing" with Ne-Yo was on this album but oh well.

Sarah Connor Sarah Connor - Sexy As Hell (2008): Sarah's most recent album from last year, it marks a return to pop form. I enjoy most of the songs that I have heard but I definitely need to give them a re-listen. I'm particularly excited to listen to her collaboration with super producer J.R. Rotem ("Fall Apart").

Enrique Iglesias & Sarah Connor Enrique Iglesias ft. Sarah Connor - Takin' Back My Love (CD Single) (2009): I was hoping for more of a tracklisting here but I definitely do enjoy this song. While I still think I might prefer Ciara's version...Sarah Connor definitely brings it. Enrique Iglesias isn't too bad either.

Gabriella CilmiGabriella Cilmi - Sanctuary (CD Single) (2008): I bought the remix promo CD on Ebay, I bought the "new version" when it was released on iTunes in the US, and I have the CD. I basically bought this on CD because of the Pocketknife re-edit. It's not bad. Good song. Gabriella Cilmi is a singer that I desperately want to hear new material from.

Alesha Dixon
Alesha Dixon - The Boy Does Nothing (CD Single) (2008): I really like Alesha Dixon (formerly of Mis-Teeq). I bought the promo single for her second single, "Breathe Slow..." this was her first single. Remixes by Fred Falke and Crazy Cousinz. Wish the Bimbo Jones mixes were included here.

Jennifer Paige
Jennifer Paige - Underestimated (CD Single) (2008): I had no idea that Jennifer Paige (Singer of 90s dance hit "Crush") was still releasing music. Well...I take that back. Her albums are all available on iTunes but I think just as a courtesy to her fans. She's been quietly releasing albums in Germany, Italy and elsewhere in Europe. I was more curious than anything else, hence this obscure purchase.

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