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Massive Album Art Update!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Massive Album Art Update!

BIG FAT album artwork right now. Some good...some questionable...oh and per usual, most of it is comes from Coverlandia.

Peter Andre - RevelationPeter Andre - Behind Closed DoorsOh Peter Andre. You're so God-damn cute! Following him on Twitter, I'm struck by how loving he is. He loves those kids of his and its just so damn precious. With all of the drama going on in his life right now I wish him all the best. That being said...the album cover l0oks very classy...EXCEPT FOR the red vertical font down the left-hand side. Also not sure about the white on white font for his name. I still haven't had the chance to listen to his new single. Any thoughts? The album is out September 14 in the UK. I've included the single artwork for "Behind Closed Doors," which I enjoy quite a bit more than the album artwork.

Michelle Branch - Everything Comes & GoesAs I've said before, I'm excited about the new Michelle Branch solo record...despite the fact that I know it's going to be more country than I might like. The album artwork is nice...great picture of Michelle. The font is a bet messy if you ask me, but I guess it's supposed to look that way. Her album will be out later this year. First single, "Sooner Or Later," is out now.

Heidi MontagHeidi MontagUGH. Don't get me started here. I'm just going to pretend that Spencer Pratt doesn't exist right now. Let's start with the positive, shall we? Heidi Montag looks absolutely FABULOUS in both of the covers. No wonder she's Playboy's most recent cover model. Musically-speaking I could give two shits about her. The Ralphi Rosario mixes of "More Is More" made her tolerable to listen to, but nothing else I've heard makes me excited to hear more. Perhaps I need to give the new FINAL version of "Body Language" a chance. I'm willing to give the album a shot, especially upon hearing that she hired Cathy Dennis to help her with this record. "Body Language" is available on iTunes now...the album is out next month.

V.V. Brown - Game OverV.V. Brown is ready for her close up! Straying away from the white background shots used for her past three singles, V.V. gets up close and personal with the artwork for "Game Over." I like it! V.V. Brown puts her former career as a model to good use, doing some fierce posing for the camera. The UK flag in the background is a nice touch as well. The single is out September 21st. Remixes by Dave Spoon, Superbass and Chris Kaeser.

Cascada - Evacuate The Dancefloor RemixesI love Cascada...a TOTAL guilty pleasure. I also love "Evacuate The Dancefloor"... this single is essentially uses the same formula that has made Cascada popular in the past...thumping dance beats and catchy hooks. This track has a little bit of an "urban twist." The cover for this remix EP features the band's frontwoman, Natalie Horler, looking hot per usual. Remixes are by Cahill, Wideboys, Ultrabeat, Chriss Ortega, Rob Mayth and more! Which mix is your favorite?

Melanie Fiona - It Kills Me"It Kills Me" serves as the second single off of R&B singer Melanie Fiona's album The Bridge. So far the album appears to be under-performing in Europe and Canada. Its highest peak position was in Canada, where it reached #25. I enjoy first single, "Give It To Me Right,"and the Paul Emmanuel remix is pretty hot. The Toronto-born singer worked with Future Cut & Salaam Remi among others on her debut album and even opened for Kanye West in Europe. The Bridge comes out September 22nd in the U.S.

Nelly Furtado - Manos Al Aire RemixI have to agree with friends here...Tiësto's remix of the new Nelly Furtado track "Manos Al Aire" is unimpressive. I much prefer the Robbie Rivera remixes. The Tiësto remix is available on iTunes now and includes the artwork above.

Jonas Brothers - Fly With MeHoly SMOLDERING EYES Joe Jonas. Wow. While the boys all look good on the cover of their second single off of Lines, Vines and Trying Times, Joe Jonas takes the cake. Apparently the song was featured in the sequel to Night At The Museum, written by the boys and their bassist. "Fly With Me" peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at an unimpressive 83. I'm not a huge fan of the boys, with the exception of their dance remixes. Speaking of..."Paranoid" has made it onto the Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart...inching it's way into the Top 20.

Jason Castro - Let's Just Fall In Love AgainI posted about Jason Castro's forthcoming major-label debut back in April...and now here we have a look at the first single's artwork. Signed to Atlantic Records, "Let's Just Fall In Love Again" is set to be Jason's first single, released to radio next month. Jason is growing on me, although he looks like the Vampire Lestat here on the cover. Those piercing blue eyes and pale the dreads...PLUS his expression...totally screams VAMPIRE. Perhaps his label is banking on the whole vampire craze?

Amerie - Heard Em All"Heard 'Em All" is the follow up single to "Why R U?"from Amerie's forthcoming album In Love & War. The album is due out November 3rd, while the new single drops digitally August 25th. I've loved Amerie since I first heard "Talkin' To Me" back in 2003. I also loved some tracks off of Touch ("1 Thing," "Touch") and a track or two off of her last Sony BMG album, Because I Love It ("Gotta Work"). I'm not a die hard fan, but I do think she's super-talented and super-beautiful. My only wish - more dance remixes!

Agnes - Release Me I was pleasantly surprised to see that Agnes Carlsson (otherwise known as Agnes) was releasing her pop single "Release Me" here in the U.S., complete with this new album artwork (it's out now on iTunes). The winner of the second season of Swedish Idol back in 2005, Agnes has had considerable success in her home country and looks to be attempting success internationally now. Agnes released her third album, Dance Love Pop, her first album on independent label Roxy Recordings (whom she joined with after leaving Sony BMG).

First single "On & On" peaked at #8 on the Swedish singles chart...follow up single "Release Me" peaked at #9 in Sweden. It went on to hit #3 in the UK! Impressive! The second single is serving as Agnes' debut international single. Her album will be released in the UK in September on 3BeatBlue/AATW, Warner in Australia and Geffen in the U.S. I love "Release Me" and some of the other stuff I've heard from her album. I'm definitely excited to see how she does stateside. Check out remixes by Cahill, Moto Blanco, and others. Proofpositive once again that good things come out of Sweden.

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