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Music Video Update: Sugababes, Shakira, Gossip, Little Boots & More!

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Music Video Update: Sugababes, Shakira, Gossip, Little Boots & More!

I've been really out of touch regarding my music videos lately, so here's a massive update.

Sugababes - Get Sexy
Sugababes - Get Sexy: You've heard me raving about the single, now it's time for me to rave about the video. The girls all look hot and I love the set they are dancing around in. There's definitely some cool visuals going on here and while there's no story line per say, there's definitely plenty to look at - with the Sugababes front and center of course. The single is due out in the UK on August 31st and features remixes by Bitrocka, Max Sanna & Steve Pitron and Superbass. "About A Girl" will be the girls second single, preceding their new album, Reborn. Check out the "Get Sexy" video HERE.

Shakira - She WolfShakira - She Wolf: Wow. What a hot video! Shakira is showcasing her animal instincts, dancing around in a cage and prancing about in a stomach-like cavern of some kind. There's no denying her true physical prowess after seeing her dance in this video. The more and more I listen to this track, the more excited I get for her forthcoming album (also called She Wolf), due out in early October. Shakira collaborated with Pharrell, Wyclef, RedOne and others on the new album. Be on the look out for "She Wolf" remixes by Moto Blanco and Bimbo Jones,with more to come I'm sure. Check out the "She Wolf" video HERE.

Gossip - Music For MenGossip - Love Long Distance: The new Gossip single has the band half-animated...with a variety of athletic, rollerskating balloon-headed figures dancing around and singing. It's certainly an interesting video visually. I kind of like it. I also like the single, the band's second from Music For Men, which came out earlier this summer. Beth Ditto's voice sounds as fiery and strong as usual. Check out the "Love Long Distance" video HERE.
Little Boots - RemedyLittle Boots - Remedy: I love love love the new Little Boots album (and still have to buy it), with "Remedy" being one of my clear favorites. Little Boots seems to be channeling some Lady Gaga here with her look and I kind of love it. She looks great! Written by Little Boots in collaboration with RedOne, the track is the official second single ("Meddle" and "Stuck on Repeat" were promotional singles, "New In Town" served as the official first single) of her album Hands. Look for remixes by Rusko, A1 Bassline, Disco Bloodbath, Crazy Cousinz and Style of Eye. Check out the "Remedy" video HERE.
Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott - Boys and Girls: Pixie Lott is my newest obsession out of the UK right now. This English singer/songwriter is signed to Mercury Records in the UK and apparently Interscope in the U.S. (very promising!). Her first single, "Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)" entered both the iTunes chart and the UK Singles Chart at #1 when it was released this past June. Her follow up single, "Boys and Girls" is even more fun than it's predecessor. "Boys and Girls" is expected to be released at the end of August, just before her album, Turn It Up is released September 14th. Look for "Mama Do" remixes from Bimbo Jones, T2, Linus Loves & Donae'o. "Boys and Girls" has remixes from Moto Blanco, Fuzzy Logic and more. Also, look
for covers of the Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody," "Apologize" by OneRepublic and Lady
Gaga's "Poker Face." Lott was also named MTV Push's artist of the month for August. Check out the "Boys and Girls" video HERE.

Kate Miller-Heidke - The Last Day On EarthKate Miller-Heidke - The Last Day On Earth: I'd heard about Australian singer/songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke but never really took the time to investigate who she was or what she sounded like. Then, a couple of weeks ago I saw someone post a link to a live performance of a HILARIOUS song called "R U Fucking Kidding Me?" I was hooked. Check out the previous singles from her current album Curiouser before you check out her latest single- "Can't Shake It," and "Caught In The Crowd." - Check out "The Last Day on Earth" video HERE.

Jade Ewen

Jade Ewen - My Man: With numerous West End productions & various UK/Aussie TV series under her belt, plus a stint with R&B group Trinity Stone, British singer/actress Jade Ewen now has her eyes on pop chart success. Ewen participated in the 2009 UK Eurovision Song Selection contest and was ultimately selected to represent the UK in the international contest. The single, "It's My Time" was composed by Andrew Lloyd Weber, who accompanied the singer during the live show. Ewen finished in 5th place, the highest placing for the UK since 2002. Now, signed to Polydor, she'll release her debut solo album in September. Ewen collaborated with Take That's Gary Barlow, Guy Chambers (Anastacia, Melanie C.,
Jessica Simpson), Ina Wroldsen (Pussycat Dolls, The Saturdays), Cutfather (Pussycat Dolls, Kylie Minogue, Jordin Sparks) and more. "My Man" is the lead single off of the new album. Look out for remixes by Cahill, Parampay and more. Check out the "My Man" video HERE.

Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone
Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone: Moving past the controversy surrounding this Ryan Tedder-produced single - it really is a beautiful song. Whether you are listening to it in it's original form or in the stripped down acoustic version that Kelly's been performing live (check her out on Letterman last week) - it's a beautiful ballad. Kelly Clarkson looks absolutely stunning in this video. I really hope all of the drama that's been going on with Clarkson and her label gets resolved. It would be a shame if this were the last single off of All I Ever Wanted. Looking forward to the GORGEOUS StoneBridge remixes (track #5 in his player) StoneBridge...if you're reading, I'd kill to get my hands on your mixes! Check out the "Already Gone" video HERE.

Paloma Faith - New York

Paloma Faith - New York: Yes, I know that I mentioned this video in my last post but I couldn't resist. It's THAT GOOD. I'm so excited about this album, you have no idea! Paloma Faith is the real deal. "Stone Cold Sober" was truly something else, but this follow up single is even better in my opinion, and with remixes by the legendary Tom Middleton, as well as by Cutmore and Starsmith - it's bound to be a club smash as well. Check out the "New York" video HERE.

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Blogger Jason said...

Little Boots is hands down my favorite right now and the video for "Remedy" is hot!

August 9, 2009 at 8:53 PM  

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