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La Roux Coming Back Strong This Winter

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

La Roux Coming Back Strong This Winter

La Roux
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think La Roux is an amazing new band. They've been called underrated before and frankly, I don't get it. Lead vocalist Elly Jackson, at 21 has proven to be quite the bright and shiny new talent, with U.S. music publication Rolling Stone calling her "the perfect London pop star of the moment." I couldn't agree more. La Roux reiterates everything that I love about the London pop music scene.

La RouxWhen tickets first went on sale for La Roux's first U.S. tour I was so excited. When I threw the invite around to some of my concert-going buddies, no one seemed interested. I sent around links to La Roux videos but no one knew who they were or why they were a big deal. I wanted to scream. Sure, I could have purchased a ticket by myself but I chickened out. The Paradise isn't the kind of venue I would want to go to alone. Call it social anxiety - I don't care. Plus, if I were to go to a La Roux show, I'd want to share the experience with someone else. When I learned that La Roux cancelled the gig due to sickness, I was relieved. Then it was announced that she'd be back January 31st - same venue and all previously purchased tickets would be honored. Shit. I should have acted as soon as the tickets went on sale! Now it's sold out and I'm S.O.L. Oh well. I'm confident that they'll be back and I'll be first in line next time! The January 31st date in Boston kicks off La Roux's U.S. Winter Tour which brings the band to 8 North American cities, ending in New York City at Webster Hall.

La Roux Per usual, I latch onto UK artists before they become big here in the States, and La Roux is no different. The band is quickly gaining momentum over on this side of the pond, with FUSE choosing them for their new artist spotlight program "Incoming" which focuses on emerging new talent in the music industry. The network began airing the video for "Bulletproof" during it's music hours on November 2nd. La Roux is also part of MTV's Discover and Download program, spotlighting exciting new artists and allowing for a free download. After having achieved a good deal of international chart success, the band's hit "Bulletproof" hit #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart this past September.

La RouxLa Roux is 21-year old Elly Jackson and co-producer/co-songwriter Ben Langmaid. The two started small and grew into the critical successes that they are today. Nominated for a Mercury Prize, MTV Europe Award and an MTVu Woodie, La Roux doesn't have anywhere to go but up.

Check out La Roux this winter:

January 31st - Boston,MA @ Paradise Rock Club
February 1st - Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall
February 3rd - Quebec City, QC @ Imperial
February 5th - Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
February 6th - Ottawa, ON @ Capital
February 9th - Philadelphia, PA @ Voyeurs
February 10th - Washington, DC @ 930
February 11th - New York, NY @ Webster Hall

Check out La Roux on the web:

Official Site//MySpace//Facebook//YouTube

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