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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Erika JayneWell this is a first. A GIVEAWAY on my blog! How exciting. The good people at Miles High Productions (a publicity firm handling promotions and marketing for artists like Kristine W, Lita Ford as well as up & coming talent Jimmie Allen) contacted to see if my readers would like an opportunity to win one of three copies the November 2009 issue of Z!nk Magazine, autographed by none other than dance diva extraordinaire Erika Jayne! Um - YES PLEASE!

Erika JayneErika JayneZ!nk is a New York-based fashion, beauty, arts & entertainment magazine, the November cover of which features the lovely Jayne as photographed by Chloe Crespi and styled by Guillaume Boulez. The photos are absolutely stunning! Take a look at some of the shots below AND check out this cool behind-the-scenes blog by Troy Jensen, Erika's makeup artist on the shoot.

Erika Jayne, who's had major success on the Billboard Dance Charts (with "Roller Coaster," "Stars" & "Give You Everything") is a super-talented, super beautiful singer who deserves to hit the big time - all formats - as far as I'm concerned. Shot, wearing everything from Yves Saint Laurent and Max Azria to Gucci and Roberto Cavalli, Jayne shines in these pictures. My only complaint - I wish there was more of an interview. Oh well! I'll take what I can get of this beauty.

Erika JayneErika Jayne
Erika Jayne's album, Pretty Mess, dropped this past summer and while there is still no official word as to what the next single will be, there are apparently rumblings around town that it might be her cover of "Sex Shooter," originally by Apollonia 6. God, I hope this is true. If you'll recall from my review, "Sex Shooter" was one of the standout tracks in my humble opinion. Remixes for that track would be hot, and no doubt Jayne's 4th number one. Another possible single is the album's title track, "Pretty Mess" which DJ/Remixer/Producer Tracy Young is remixing, per her official e-newsletter. Whatever Jayne releases as her next single, it's no doubt going to be heating up the dance charts. Alright - as far as the giveaway goes, you have until December 24th to enter so make sure you check out the details below. Good luck!

Erika JayneThe Details:

I will be giving away 3 copies of the November 2009 issue of Z!nk Magazine, personally autographed by Erika Jayne. You have until December 24th 2009 to enter. Three winners will be chosen at random (via at midnight on December 10th.

How To Enter:
Become a follower of Music Is My King Size Bed and
leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite track off of Pretty Mess
Extra Entries:
Follow me on Twitter and Tweet about the giveaway (if you're already following me - tell me and let me know that you've Tweeted)

Check out Erika Jayne on the web:
Official Site//MySpace//Facebook//Twitter//YouTube



Blogger Steamweaver said...

"Give You Everything" is definitely my favorite track ;-)

December 19, 2009 at 5:05 PM  

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