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Versatile Dance Artist Lauren Hildebrandt Releases New Single and Remix EP, 'Underneath'

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Versatile Dance Artist Lauren Hildebrandt Releases New Single and Remix EP, 'Underneath'

Have you checked out dance artist Lauren Hildebrandt's new single, "Underneath" yet? I don't know where I was when this was released on May 1st but I COMPLETELY dropped the ball. Normally I'm all up on my favorite dance artists. I remember Hildebrandt's first single, "Burnin' Out" back from 2005, when it peaked at #5 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Charts with remixes from Mike Cruz, Friscia & Lamboy, Liquid360 and more. The following year Hildebrandt dazzled us with "Dance With You" featuring mixes by Mr. Mig, Mike Rizzo, Escape & Dom Capello followed by "My Life Again" in 2007 with mixes by Jack D. Elliott, Lenny B, Perry Twins and more, both of which went Top 20 on the dance charts.

Lauren Hildebrandt "Burnin Out" (Liquid360 Mix - Dance Version)

Lauren Hildebrandt | MySpace Music Videos

October of 2008 saw the digital release of Hildebrandt's new single "Boyshorts," which was followed in June of 2009 with a remix EP featuring mixes from up & coming remixers like Aaron Paetsch and Bit Error."Boyshorts," it turned out, was the first official single off of Hildebrandt's debut album, Not Really A Waitress, which was released on January 19th. Now, nearly a year after the release of the "Boyshorts" Remixes, we are graced with Hildebrandt's presence yet again, this time, in the form of pop/dance number "Underneath," remixes provided by Josh Harris, Mike Bordes, Peter Parona and DJ JST. Josh Harris himself produced the track for radio release and the track has current mainstream adds at Sirius XM, AOL and other major market radio stations as well as dance radio - making "Underneath" one of "'Hildy's' biggest supported tracks to date."

In addition to promoting her album, Hildebrandt just wrapped a series of performances in the world premiere of a musical theater production called "Paris," which celebrated the famous French city with fabulous costumes, dance and music inspired by "Gay Paris." How cool is that!? Can you say triple threat? This isn't actually the first time Hildebrandt danced, having appeared as a top finalist on Debbie Allen's "Fame" Talent competition airing on NBC in the 2003. After "Fame," Hildy worked as a waitress, all the while, working on her burgeoning singing career. After a number of odd jobs (including singing back-up vocals for Sharon Stone and appearing in a Black Eyed Peas video) Hildebrandt hit the big time with her first dance hit, "Burnin' Out," which garnered her a 2006 "Best New Dance Artist" nod at the International Dance Music Awards. Now that's what I call a success story! Given how many struggling young artists are out there, you gotta give this girl props for sticking to her guns and achieving success in such a tough industry. Mad respect. Mad talent. Can't wait to hear what's next from this talented girl.

Check out Lauren Hildebrandt on the web:

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