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Will Young To Release New 'Best Of' Album in the U.S. and Perform on American Idol Finale

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Will Young To Release New 'Best Of' Album in the U.S. and Perform on American Idol Finale

Well this is promising. Since they started using Will Young's song "Leave Right Now" as the contestant exit song on American Idol, I guess U.S. interest has been peaked. I don't think this is a bad thing in the's about time! Our American Idols are promoted overseas! How come UK winners aren't? Well...I suppose that's all different now...Leona Lewis has done alright for herself stateside, and Alexandra Burke is supposedly going to be introduced to U.S. audiences at some point (although who knows when) but Will Young was the original Pop Idol in the UK, so what's the delay? I guess his genre of music, straight up pop, isn't such a big deal here in the States, with radio favoring urban-tinged pop music over traditional pop. Nonetheless, I'm excited that the label is giving America the chance to check him out.

Leave Right Now is an 8-track compilation of Will's hits from his last 3 studio albums (music from his debut, From Now On, was ignored) and will be released via Jive/19 Recordings on CD May 25th. I noticed the album on iTunes back on May 4th (when it came out digitally, preceded by the single's digital release on March 31st) and thought that was it...that it would just be a digital release to satisfy American Idol viewers who wanted to hear more from the singer (his first 3 albums are already available to download on iTunes here). Now that it's getting a physical U.S. release, I wonder what that means for Will Young's future in the U.S.? Hopefully something. I'm still loving his Groove Armada collaboration and hope it sees the light of day (as a single) and there's been nothing new recently on rumors of his forthcoming dance album. Whatever Young's deal is, I'm glad that 19 Recordings is shining the spotlight on him here in America. I'll say it's about time! Check out Will Young performing "Leave Right Now" on the May 25th finale of American Idol.

Check out the video for "Leave Right Now," which is also available to download on Will's U.S. iTunes store.

Track Listing:

1. Leave Right Now (As Heard On American Idol Season 9)
2. Your Game (Album Version)
3. Friday's Child
4. Switch It On
5. All Time Love
6. Who Am I
7. Changes (Album Version)
8. Grace

Check out Will Young on the web:

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Blogger KimmYX said...

We his Fans in England are very excited about the US hearing his wonderful music.
The expression - "Good things come to those who wait" springs to mind...
Not only is he a Brillant Musician but a throughly lovely guy!.

May 20, 2010 at 5:51 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...

Thanks for your comment! I've been a fan of his for YEARS so this news was a welcome treat. Leave it to a show like 'American Idol' to get Americans excited about someone who's been around forever.

May 20, 2010 at 7:54 AM  

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