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Anoraak To Release Eclectic Debut Album This Fall

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anoraak To Release Eclectic Debut Album This Fall

THIS is how you make a music video. Anyone can fill a club up with extras and perform on a stage lit with strobe lights and glittery disco balls. Anoraak and his video for °Above Your Head° is something different...something cool...something unique and I dig it.  From his forthcoming new album Wherever The Sun Sets, "Above Your Head" is conceptual video art at it's coolest.  Shot by acclaimed director/artist Milosh Luczynski, the video was filmed in 360°with 8 cameras. Never seen that before in a music video, have you? Alright Anoraak...I'll bite.


After testing out the indie rock scene for a while, Anoraak (born Frederic Riviere) quickly grew bored and began looking for his true calling as a solo artist. Moving to the West of France and joining some friends in "the most livable spot in all of Europe," Nantes, Riviere found inspiration in this new locale, helping to launch the Valerie Collective/blog (Russ Chimes, College, Minitel Rose, The Outrunners, Maethelvin).  The "Anoraak" project actually began 8 years ago in Riviere's own bedroom as he was searching for work as a sound engineer. After finding nothing but bar work, it was time for something bigger.  Firmly reestablished in Nantes Riviere put out an EP Nightdrive With You, a "buzz-stirring attempt at everything from moon-lit club music to Boards of Canada-inspired IDM."  Seems like with this "buzz-stirring" first attempt Anoraak was onto something.  The EP's title track received the remix treatment from Grum, Jupiter, Saycet, Minitel Rose and Fear of Tigers. Tremendous vote of a support from some of the big names in electronic music, no? (Download the remixes HERE).

Now nearly 2 years after the release of the Nightdrive With You EP, Anoraak is back with a full length album, Wherever The Sun Sets, due out digitally on September 21st and physically on October 26th via Naive Records.  The 11-track album features a mostly "feel good" sound sprinkled with traces of melancholy.  Sounds like a well-balanced album. 
 "A seamless blend of live and programmed elements that's essentially an electronic take on the SoCal rock LPs that Riviere loved as a kid growing up in the South of France."  
Sounds intriguing, right?  Throw alt.-disco diva Sally Shapiro on one of the tracks and you have me completely sold.  But wait! The intrigue doesn't stop there!  Another song features guest vocals by Scottish folk singer Siobhan Wilson.  This is sounding more and more like a musical mixed bag, and I'm all for it!  The album features an eclectic mix of sounds - everything from Italo-disco and "Motown-schooled funk" to "sepia-toned pop music" this is looking to be one INTERESTING LP. Listen to a selection of songs and check out the track listing below:

Track Listing:

01 Above your head
02 Try Me
03 Can’t stop
04 Don’t be afraid (feat. Sally Shapiro)
05 Crazy eyes
06 Long hot summer night
07 You taste like cherry
08 Dolphins & highways (feat. Siobahn Wilson)
09 Cloud | Rain | Love
10 Midnight Sunset
11 Here you go

Download the new track "Above Your Head" now for free HERE.  You can also download the new EP Try Me which features remixes of "Above Your Head" by Enola and remixes of the title track by the We Have Band, Michael Cassette and RAC.

Check out Anoraak on the web:
Official Site//MySpace//Facebook//Twitter

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