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My 'Obsession' With Sky Ferreira Continues

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

My 'Obsession' With Sky Ferreira Continues

Last week, when EMI sent me Sky Ferreira's new Ryan Tedder-produced U.S. single "Obsession," I was BEYOND excited to say the least! You've all seen my rants and raves about my OBSESSION with Ferreira's first international single, "One" so when I heard that Capitol Records was releasing a DIFFERENT song here in the States I was unhappy.  When I heard Ryan Tedder was the producer...I was furious (*slight exaggeration*).  Ryan Tedder's a talented guy but his cookie cutter pop production ("Already Gone" vs. "Halo") has the tendency to sound TOO commercial, TOO perfect, TOO much like something we've already heard and none of those things describe Sky Ferreira.  At least "One" was something different.  Bloodshy & Avant managed to create a fresh, electro pop sound for the equally fresh-faced Ferreira and it fit her to a T!

While "Obsession" might not be AS fresh-sounding, musically speaking, it works as a US-radio friendly introduction to a talented artist who's already generating quite a bit of buzz around the world.  I think it's the PERFECT launch single for Ferreira here in the States.   In a recent interview with MuuMuse Ferreira describes the sound of the single:
"It’s very poppy, and it has like a Gary Glitter chant in the intro. I would say it’s glam’s very bold."
I have to agree. It's COMPLETELY different from "One" but in a good way.  It also gives me a bit more insight into her abilities as a singer.  While she'll likely get the occasional Ke$ha-comparison, Ferreira shouldn't be written off as another Ke$ha clone. She's definitely her own artist, and at only 18 years old she's already done so much with her career.  At the end of last month Ferreira Skyped with Arjan over at ArjanWrites about the "extremely pop" sound of "Obsession," and how she understands that at this stage in her career, it's all about compromise.
"A number one record is cool...that's why I'm doing "Obessesion"...I like "Obsession," it's a really good pop song but it's extremely pop and that wasn't exactly what my goal was...I was glad "One" came out before that so that people know that I can still do other stuff. I wanna be capable of doing all different types of music. But I'm glad I get to do something like "Obsession," I'm really lucky to. It's first I was really like bitter about it you know, because I wanted MY songs to be on the record so it was like a bit hard for me but I appreciate it and I understand I have to compromise with the people distributing and making it possible to have my own music out...I very much stand behind might be my biggest song's really catchy and everything."
Sky was right. It's "really catchy and everything," and while "One" might still get my vote, I am getting really excited for her debut album due out on January 11th here in America.  Listen to a short clip of "Obsession" below. It's due out sometime later this month or early next month.  "One" is due out in the UK August 23rd.  UK fans can pre-order the digital EP on iTunes with remixes from Logistics, BAR9, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Style of Eye.

Check out Sky Ferreira on the Web:
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