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Hot Interview Alert: Eliza Doolittle

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Hot Interview Alert: Eliza Doolittle

As UK-based singer/songwriter Eliza Doolittle prepares to release her debut self-titled album here in America early next year, she took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few of my questions. Doolittle, who's already released 3 singles in the UK ("Skinny Genes," "Pack Up" and "Rollerblades") is ready to take the U.S. by storm in 2011 and I for one, am ready to see her "DOO" her thang live.

Doolittle, who's debut album peaked at #3 in the UK, is set to release her quirky pop album in America in early 2011 via Capitol Records and is ALREADY getting attention. Nylon magazine did a little write up on the singer in its September issue, calling out her "sassy lyrics, jaunty melodies," and praising the "happy and carefree" vibe of her sound. While she does serve as co-writer on all 13 of the album's tracks, Doolittle's label managed to wrangle in the big names to assist on her debut - names like Greg Kurstin, Steve Chrisanthou, Jonny $ and Craigie Dodds. Big deal! While the big names are impressive, Doolittle probably could have wrote the whole thing herself, especially given the fact that she's been writing since 12 and actually signed a publishing deal by 16. Impressive! A little bit retro. A lot cool, Doolittle's laid back, summery style will be the perfect winter warmer next year.

Counted among her inspirations we have The Beach Boys, The Kinks, and Stevie Wonder, but she doesn't necessarily see herself fitting within one specific genre of music. "I'd like to be a pop musician in the proper old school vein of pop when there weren't any different genres like there are now; it was all just pop music." According to Doolittle, her music crosses many genres...folk, ska, vintage R&B/Soul and Big Band sounds. Sounds like a show I want to be at! Doolittle's songs' "Skinny Genes" and "Pack Up" are both available to download now on the U.S. iTunes store. Her third UK single "Rollerblades is out now in the UK. More information on her U.S. debut to come shortly. In the meantime, check out my interview below the cut.

(P.S. - How cute is she? She spelled "Do" like "Doo"...because her name is "Doolittle"...get it?)
Hi Eliza! Congrats on all of your success in Europe. 2010 has been a pretty big year for you so far! Your debut album went Top 5; your single "Pack Up" has been certified silver in the UK and now you're releasing your first record in America. Are you feeling any pressure right now or are you just having fun with it?
I am having an amazing amount of fun with it! I try not to let any pressure fall my way cos I can only doo my best and hope people enjoy it as much as I doo!
You recently flew to New York City to film the video for your third UK single "Rollerblades." How was that experience? Are you excited about coming back and promoting your album here next year?
I am very excited! It's always been one of my dreams to doo the American Road Trip tour! Get a big bus and doo it properly!
Speaking of gigs, you're set to open up for another one of my favorite imports, Paloma Faith on her upcoming UK tour next month. How did that all come about? I've heard Paloma puts on quite a show!
We had meet a few times and when the option came up for me to support Paloma I'm very glad she said yes cos we've bumped into each other much more since then and I can tell we're gonna have a great time!
What can audiences expect coming to one of your shows? Do you like to ad lib and play around with song arrangements or do you pretty much play the songs as written?
Well, I surely sing my heart out! I doo stick to the song structures though, it's always nice to change things up a little bit live to give it a different perspective live but it's important to give your listeners what they know and would like to hear. Sticking to the script isn't as hard as it seems, especially when you enjoy what you're reading!
Let's briefly talk about "Pack Up." Whose idea was it to use an old World War I marching song ("Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit-Bag") as the chorus? Is there a particular era in music that you find especially inspiring?
We just used the lyric so it wasn't the actual song, I got my friend Lloyd Wade to sing it! Everyone thinks it's a sample but it isn't. I think the war time song does relate well to my song now as well because there is always something horrible going on out there in the world and it's important to keep cheerful if you can and the majority of us have very lucky lives so it's really important to remember that.
What are your thoughts on dance music? I see that "Pack Up" was remixed for the clubs by the likes of Riva Starr, The Royal Palms and Analog People In A Digital World. That's a pretty ace line up if you ask me! Is there a genre of music that you love that fans might find surprising?
I doo like dance music, I was actually really into old school garage when I was growing up!
So aside from touring with Paloma this Fall, what does the rest of 2010 have in store for Eliza Doolittle?
Well, I am also dooing my own headline tour which has been amazing as I didn't expect things to go so well and wouldn't have thought I'd be dooing my own headline tour for months! I'm going to be heading out to LA to introduce the US a little bit more of the Doolittle. And then I'm also going to be dooing some shows in Australia before the year is out!
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! I'm a big fan of yours here in the States and on my blog. Wishing you continued success and hopefully I'll see you on the road next year!
Thank you for having me ! X
Check out Eliza Doolittle on the web:
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