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Lauren Pritchard Tapped as HMV's 'Next Big Thing', New Single due in February

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lauren Pritchard Tapped as HMV's 'Next Big Thing', New Single due in February

I'm jealous of the UK. Why? Well many reasons really, but right now it's because they are hogging Lauren Pritchard all for themselves and not sharing her with America! Hello! She's American afterall. Give her back UK. Please!

The Broadway vet (Spring Awakening) released her highly acclaimed debut album, Wasted In Jackson in the UK at the end of October, where it peaked at #84. So far the album has spawned three singles - "When The Night Kills The Day," "Painkillers" and "Not The Drinking," none of which have managed to chart at all. Hmmmm. Discouraging!  Despite the fact that her singles aren't charting, Pritchard is gaining notoriety and garnering plenty of critical acclaim and accolades.  Case in point..."Not The Drinking" was added to BBC Radio Two's A-List in October, where it remained for two weeks. 

Living in the UK while she promotes her album, Pritchard has been touring extensively and playing festivals all over Britain.  Most recently it was announced that Pritchard would be featured in the hmv Next Big Thing music festival this upcoming winter.  In partnership with it's live music division (MAMA Group), HMV has announced the lineup for it's annual festival, showcasing new and emerging talent on the UK music scene.  Among the names joining Pritchard on stage - Clare Maguire, Fenech-Soler, Dutch Uncles with more big names to come.  The second hmv Next Big Thing festival will run for over a week between February 4th and February 13th at six HMV/MAMA owned venues in London, AND for the first time ever 2 locales outside of the capital city, one in Birmingham and one in Edinburgh!  Each venue will host up to three acts per night and will cost only ¬£10 to get in (including booking fees). Amazing deal!  Not sure yet which dates Pritchard will be a part of but I'll let you know when I have details.  Considering some of the talent that participated in the festival last year (Ellie Goulding, Professor Green, Marina and The Diamonds, Paloma Faith, Eliza Doolittle) this is a career making moment for the 22 year old singer/songwriter from Tennessee.  UK music fans - get your tickets HERE.

In the meantime, have a listen to Lauren Pritchard's new single "Stuck," due out in the UK on Valentines Day (February 14th).  "Stuck" is a gorgeous track lifted off of her debut album Wasted In Jackson.  Pritchard's vocal ability is just astounding to me, considering she's only 22 years old.  She sounds a bit like early Joss Stone here, doesn't she? I'd love to hear her do this one live. Remember her appearance on Jay Leno doing "Not The Drinking?" STUNNING. Her debut album, written and produced with Eg White, is already out in the UK and out digitally in the U.S. (iTunes).  It will be released physically in America on February 22nd.

Lauren Pritchard - Stuck by charmfactory

Check out Lauren Pritchard on the web:
Official Site//MySpace//Facebook//Twitter//VEVO

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