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Bobby Long Releases A Winter Tale on Tuesday, In the Midst of US Tour

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bobby Long Releases A Winter Tale on Tuesday, In the Midst of US Tour

You may remember the last time I talked about up & coming British singer/songwriter Bobby Long. Well, seeing that it's the weekend before the release of his debut album, I thought WHY NOT do another little mention. On Tuesday, February 1st ATO Records will release A Winter Tale, the much anticipated debut album from Bobby Long. The 11-track record was recorded in London and produced by Grammy-award winner Liam Watson (The White Stripes) as well as backing vocals from Nona Hendryx (LaBelle) and Icelandic singer Lay Low not to mention pedal steel by B.J. Cole (Elton John, Sting). Long, who The New York Post recently touted as one of their "10 Artists To Watch in 2011," is currently out on tour promoting his debut album. The extensive tour sees Long traipsing about all over North America, playing a variety of venues and festivals including dates at the Sundance Film Festival and SXSW. Here's hoping we see and hear a lot more from this talented (and handsome) guy from England.

Don't forget to pick up your copy of A Winter Tale when it's released on February 1st and check Long out on tour in a city near you (TOUR DATES below). To tide you over why not have a look at an exclusive performance video of Long doing a new song, "Dead & Gone" as part of the recently launched Burberry Acoustic series. So good!


January 9/Brooklyn, NY/Public Assembly
January 24/Park City, UT/House of Blues Park City
January 25/Park City, UT/Sundance ASCAP Music Café
January 28/Vancouver, BC/Media Club

January 29/Seattle, WA/Tractor Tavern
January 31/Portland, OR/Doug Fir
February 2/San Francisco, CA/Café du Nord
February 3/Los Angeles, CA/The Troubadour
February 4/San Diego, CA/Anthology
February 5/Tucson, AZ/Club Congress
February 8/Salt Lake City, UT/Kilby Court
February 10/Denver, CO/Bluebird
February 11/Lawrence, KS/Bottleneck
February 12/St. Louis, MO/Old Rock House
February 14/Madison, WI/High Noon Saloon
February 15/Minneapolis, MN/Varsity Theater
February 16/Milwaukee, WI/Turner Ballroom
February 17/Indianapolis, IN/Radio Radio
February 18/Chicago, IL/Schuba’s
February 19/Columbus, OH/Basement
February 21/Ann Arbor, MI/The Ark
February 22/Toronto, ON/Revival
February 23/Montreal, QC/Divan
February 24/Burlington, VT/Higher Ground
February 25/Portland, ME/Port City Music Hall
February 26/Boston, MA/Brighton Music Hall
February 28/Northampton, MA/Iron Horse
March 1/Baltimore, MD/Otto Bar
March 3/New York, NY/Bowery Ballroom
March 4/Philadelphia, PA/World Café
March 5/Vienna, VA/Jammin Java
March 22/Charlottesville, VA/The Southern
March 23/Pittsburgh, PA/Rex Theatre
March 24/Cincinnati, OH/20th Century Theatre
March 25/Knoxville, TN/Barley’s Tap Room
March 26/Louisville, KY/Headliners Music Hall
March 27/Nashville, TN/3rd & Lindsley
March 29/Raleigh, NC/Lincoln Theatre
March 31/Greenville, SC/The Handlebar
April 1/Atlanta, GA/Vinyl
April 2/Orlando, FL/The Social
April 3/Jacksonville, FL/Jack Rabbits
April 5/Birmingham, AL/Workplay
April 6/Memphis, TN/Hi-Tone
April 8/Dallas, TX/Poor David’s Pub
April 9/Austin, TX/Stubbs Jr.
April 10/Houston, TX/Fitzgerald’s

Check out Bobby Long on the web:

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