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George Michael Celebrates Re-release of his Iconic 'Faith' with Three Commemorative Packages

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

George Michael Celebrates Re-release of his Iconic 'Faith' with Three Commemorative Packages

I can't believe it's been nearly 24 years since the release of George Michael's debut solo album, Faith. Wow! Hearing that Epic/Legacy Records had released a new Deluxe Edition, Special Edition and a 2CD Remastered Edition - well - it's all just a bit overwhelming. Released on February 1st, the Deluxe Edition (see BELOW) features a whole bunch of delicious goodies including an 180-gram vinyl replica LP as well as a 'memorabilia envelope" stuffed full of art prints, a poster, tickets and a tour pass. You can see a full list of what's included as well as a tracklisting below the cut.

When you're thinking about ICONIC albums of the past 25-30 years, Faith really should be up there. Whether you agree or disagree with that statement the facts speak for themselves: Faith spent 87 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart including 12 weeks in the #1 spot, Faith has the rare privilege of earning an RIAA diamond certification (over 10 million units sold). Winning a Grammy for 'Album of the Year,' Faith spawned six hit singles including "I Want Your Sex," Father Figure," and, of course, the title track "Faith." Together, these six singles helped make George Michael an unstoppable force on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts for a cumulative 85+ weeks between 1987 - 1989. It was THIS album alone that earned George Michael his place in musical history. If anyone deserves a landmark spotlight as big as this, it's George Michael.

In addition to all of the success Michael had with his album here in the North America (10x-platinum = diamond), internationally the album was a huge success as well.  4x-platinum in the UK - 5x-platinum in Australia and similar success in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and basically everywhere else.  It's also important to remember that in total, Michael has five studio albums out and over 30 + original singles, together generating more than 200 million in record sales.  Now that's what I call a career!  Over the years Michael has had his share of tabloid drama but despite the ups and downs that came with his celebrity, this special release is all about the music and that's really all that should matter in the end. Before I break down just what you get in the three packages, check out this 'Sizzle Reel' showcasing this truly iconic pop record.  It's in stores now so pick up your copy today!  Tracklistings and additional information available on the official site.

Faith: Deluxe Edition
Limited edition, numbered box set presented in black-and-gold-foiled slipcase, with:
  •  CD of remastered 10-song album 
  •  CD of remastered 7-inch and 12-inch singles and B-sides
  •  180-gram vinyl replica LP
  •  DVD with BBC interview, original EPK, and 7 promo videos (approx. 100 mins.)
  •  60-page hardbound book with interview, rare photos and memorabilia
  •  Memorabilia envelope with 5 art prints, poster, tickets, and Faith tour pass 
  •  First 2,000 orders receive a specially-designed, numbered art print
Faith: Special Edition
This package will feature the two CDs and the DVD mentioned above

Faith: 2CD Remastered Edition

 Check out George Michael on the web:
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