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Vanessa Carlton Premieres New Song, Sets New Album Release Date

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vanessa Carlton Premieres New Song, Sets New Album Release Date

So...yeah. Vanessa Carlton had a gig here in Boston and I missed it. So bummed! I've seen Vanessa live two or three times now, so missing out on a live gig makes me super super sad. Oh well. I'll get over it and she'll undoubtedly be back. Carlton is currently wrapping up a small club tour, promoting her forthcoming new album, Rabbits On The Run, due out July 26th (originally due a month earlier) on Razor & Tie Records, as well as two supporting gigs, one with Matchbox 20 and one with Five For Fighting. Carlton released the album's first single, "Carousel" back on May 3rd. Check out the stunning video, directed by Jake Davis (Flyleaf, My Chemical Romance) HERE.

Calling the single "a hopeful song that came out of a very dark place," and "a tune I just woke up singing" {SOURCE} Carlton continues along the musical path that she started with her last album, incorporating layered vocals over sleepy little piano-driven melodies. You can hear Carlton's harmonies distinctly throughout the song, which creates a cool effect, especially with the addition of The Capital Children's Choir, who can be heard singing in the background. "Carousel" was written by Carlton and produced by Steve Osborne (U2, B-52's, KT Tunstall). "Carousel" failed to impact any of the Billboard charts. Disappointing, considering Carlton hasn't had a charting single since 2008's "Hands On Me." Even more discouraging...Carlton's last time on the Hot 100 was 2004's "White Houses." Perhaps "Carousel"'s failure to chart had something to do with why the release date was pushed back?

The album was recorded in Peter Gabriel's world renowned Real World Studios with producer Osborne and additional collaborators including Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket and Ari Ingber of The Upwelling (all of whom play on the album).
"Partly inspired by two books, Richard Adams' Watership Down and Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time, Rabbits on the Run is 10 song set of gorgeous, haunting melodies and finely crafted stories, including the lush first single "Carousel,” the ambient and “Hear the Bells” and the propulsive “London.”
Three-time Grammy nominee Vanessa Carlton first emerged onto the scene back in 2002 with her debut album, Be Not Nobody. Featuring the hit single "A Thousand Miles" Carlton dazzled the world with her deep, meaningful songwriting and her brilliant kills on the piano. What Carlton lacks in the vocal department, she more than makes up for in engaging storytelling and skillful musicianship. Playing the piano since she was a toddler, Carlton attended the School of American Ballet in New York, ultimately abandoning a career as a dancer in favor of one as a songwriter. After signing to A&M/Interscope Records, Carlton released her first two albums.

While her sophomore release, Harmonium was critically acclaimed, it was not a chart success, peaking at #33 on the Billboard 200, a far cry from her debut which peaked at #5. Carlton released her third album, 2007's Heroes & Thieves on Irv Gotti's The Inc label (distributed by Universal Motown), quite unexpected considering Gotti's association with hip-hop and R&B music. The album was yet again critically acclaimed but failed to connect with the music-buying public, stalling out at #44. After releasing the album's final single, "Hands On Me" in 2008, Carlton seemingly dropped out of sight, only surfacing again recently, with the announcement of her record deal with Razor & Tie.  So nice to have one of my favorite artists back.

Carlton recently premiered a new album, "Dear California," on The "70's-sun-drenched" song is less sleepy than "Carousel," featuring more in the way of instrumentation (drums, guitar, piano) and hauntingly beautiful harmonies by Carlton, who can be heard singing both lead and backing vocals.  Rabbits On The Run, available for pre-order now on U.S. iTunes so get it done HERE and stay tuned for word on a live performance on The Jay Leno show later this month.

Tour Dates:

July 7: San Francisco, CA – Swedish American Hall
July 8: Los Angeles, CA – Largo
July 9: Temecula, CA – Pechanga Resort & Casino w/ Matchbox 20
July 22: Highland Park, IL – Ravinia Festival w/ Five For Fighting

Check out Vanessa Carlton on the web:

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