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Hot Video Alert: MIKA - Elle Me Dit

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Hot Video Alert: MIKA - Elle Me Dit

I love MIKA. I have since he released his first album, Life In Cartoon Motion, back in 2007 and the fact that his brand of infectious, feel good pop has yet to catch on here in America is an absolute travesty. MIKA's latest single, "Elle Me Dit," was released in France July 11th on iTunes via Barclay/Casablanca Records. Co-produced by MIKA and his frequent collaborator, Canadian producer Greg Wells (Katy Perry, Adele), "Elle Me Dit," (meaning "She Tells Me" in English) is an up-tempo, giddy good time, along the very same lines as previous MIKA singles, "Grace Kelly," "Love Today," and "We Are Golden." As of now, the single has only been released in France, Belgium, Canada, Slovakia and Switzerland, becoming a #1 hit in Belgium and peaking at #3 in France. Check out the adorable and fun video clip for "Elle Me Dit" below and look for well known French actress Fanny Ardant, who appears throughout as a kooky matriarch of some sort.

Reflecting back on MIKA's entire discography, I can't think of a single...well, single that HASN'T been up tempo and fun. MIKA first grabbed the world's attention with his single "Relax, Take It Easy," a song which was released twice in the UK. Upon it's first release back in 2006 the song became MIKA's first French #1, debuting in the UK at an unfortunate #78. When the song was re-released the following year it charted in the #18 spot on the UK Singles chart. MIKA's follow up single, "Grace Kelly" (one of my favs) became his first UK #1, peaking in France at a measly #82. His debut album, Life In Cartoon Motion, managed to spit out 6 singles (7 if you count the "Relax" re-release) which is pretty impressive for a debut album especially when you consider that four of those six singles were top 10 hits in the UK ("Grace Kelly" = #1; "Love Today" = #6; "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" = #9; "Happy Ending" = #7).

MIKA followed up his debut album with The Boy Who Knew Too Much in 2009. Not nearly as successful as it's predecessor, the album only spawned one top 5 UK hit, the album's first single, "We Are Golden," which peaked at #4 on the UK chart. Follow up singles "Blame It On The Girls" and "Rain" didn't even crack the top 50, although "Rain" was a top 5 hit in France. While MIKA's album's have sold modestly well for an import artist (his debut peaked at #29 on the Billboard 200, while his follow up peaked at #19) his singles have performed poorly. I keep hoping America will figure out what they've been missing with MIKA but I'm starting to lose hope.  With MIKA's new single only available in French speaking countries, and given that the talented 27 year old British/Lebanese singer/songwriter has said in interviews that the album will feature a number of French language tracks, I'm nervous that MIKA is focusing his efforts on Europe and bypassing America.  With his new album, The Origin Of Love, scheduled to come out sometime next year, I'm hoping he releases an English language single just to balance things out.  While he has done well in France with past releases, his international success isn't anything to brush off and his potential for superstardom is still huge in my opinion.  I'm still kicking myself for not seeing him live in Boston when I had the chance.  Now I fear that I've missed my opportunity altogether.  Check out the "Elle Me Dit" video below and download the single on Canadian iTunes HERE.

 Check out MIKA on the web: 

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