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Graffiti6 Dazzles on New EP, Tours with Ximena

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Graffiti6 Dazzles on New EP, Tours with Ximena

Seeing English pop/rocktronica duo Graffiti6 live in Boston this summer was a dream come true, no doubt and while I enjoyed the entire set, one track in particular really stood out. That song, the title track off of their brand new EP just so happens to be Graffiti6's official first U.S. radio single.  Amazing.  The 7-track Free EP includes two renditions of the title track plus stripped down versions of "Lay Me Down," "Annie You Save Me," and "Stone In My Heart."  The soulful "Free" was written about the pain that comes along with the end of a relationship.  The EP also includes a brilliant cover of "Blue Ridge Mountains," originally performed by West Coast indie rockers Fleet Floxes and a new track coincidentally called "Foxes." (Get it...Fleet Foxes...then a song called 'Foxes?')

Graffiti6 is one of kind and lead vocalist Jamie Scott is no doubt as original as they get. Scott's got this raspy yet full bodied sound which allows him to bring both strength and sensitivity to a song, and bring it he does!  Joining Scott is Graffiti6's other half, producer/DJ/singer/songwriter TommyD (Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kylie Minogue, KT Tunstall). What I love so much about this EP is the journey it takes the listener on.  If you're  fan of live music then you're really in for a treat here.  The EP plays like a live gig, even the studio produced tracks sound like they're being done live right in front of you - all you have to do is close your eyes and let the beautiful harmonies envelop you.  A stunning tease off what's most definitely one of my most hotly anticipated albums of 2012.

To help promote their EP Graffiti6 is set to join Latin singer/songwriter Ximena on her U.S. tour kicking off December 5th in Birmingham, AL.  In addition to their opening act gig, you can also catch the band play a solo show at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas November 30th and December 1st.  Check out all of the tour dates below and make sure you catch Graffiti6 on the road.  While we're waiting for the premiere of the "Free" video (shot in Los Angeles) check out Jamie Scott doing his thing solo with one mic, one camera and all in one take, below.  Download the Free EP on U.S. iTunes HERE.

Tour Dates:

Nov 30//Las Vegas, NV//The Cosmopolitan
Dec 1//Las Vegas NV//The Cosmopolitan


Dec 5//Birmingham, AL//Workplay Soundstage
Dec 7//Chapel Hill, NC//Local 506
Dec 8//Richmond, VA//The Camel
Dec 9//Baltimore, MD//Sound Stage
Dec 10//Annapolis, MD//Rams Head
Dec 11//Philadelphia, PA//World Café Live
Dec 13//New York City, NY//Rockwood
Dec 14//Boston, MA//T.T. The Bear’s Place
Dec 15//Portland, ME//Empire Dance & Dine
Dec 17//Buffalo, NY//Ninth Ward
Dec 18//Pittsburgh, PA//Club Café
Dec 20//Columbus, OH//The Basement
Dec 21//Lexington, KY//Cosmic Charlie’s
Dec 22//Chicago, IL//Schubas Tavern 

Check out Graffiti6 on the web:

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