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[Hot Video Alert] Gabriella Cilmi - Vicious Love

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

[Hot Video Alert] Gabriella Cilmi - Vicious Love

Gabriella Cilmi

Back in January, Australian pop singer/songwriter Gabriella Cilmi QUIETLY released a new video onto her official YouTube page for a song called "Vicious Love."  The new song sees Cilmi moving away from the mainstream electropop sound of her 2010 sophomore album, and going back to basics with a more pop/rock sound.  "Vicious Love" is a return to form for the talented Cilmi who's debut album, 2008's Lessons To Be Learned remains one of my favorites, thanks mainly to her breakout single "Sweet About Me," which went top 5 in ten countries and top 10 in three countries (including the UK). "Sweet About Me" also managed to peak at #99 on Billboard's Pop 100 Chart.

Gabriella Cilmi's alluring throaty vocal style is showcased quite perfectly in this soulful little ditty, very reminiscent of the material found on her debut album.  The simple sing-songy melody and minimal instrumentation really allow Cilmi's delicate vocals to shine through, reminding me why I first fell in love with her sound to begin with.  If "Vicious Love" is the sort of music we can expect from her third album, I think we have a lot to be excited about.

Released in 2008, Lessons to Be Learned was a modest hit for the then 17 year old from Melbourne, peaking at #2 in Australia and going top 10 in New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the Netherlands. In America, Lessons to Be Learned peaked at #17 on the Top Heatseekers Albums chart and was promoted with an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in March of 2009.  The album won Cilmi six ARIA Awards in 2008 including Best Female Artist, Breakthrough Artist: Single, Breakthrough Artist: Album, Highest Selling Single, and Single of the Year.  

Cilmi's sophomore album, 2010's Ten took the singer/songwriter in a much more mainstream direction, ditching the soulful pop/rock sounds of her debut and turning to a more commercial disco dance/pop sound and collaborating with the likes of Greg Kurstin, Dallas Austin and Xenomania.  Lead single, "On A Mission" was released in February/March of 2010, peaking at #16 in Australia and #9 in the UK.  The album itself was considerably less successful worldwide than her debut, peaking at #17 in Australia and #28 in the UK.  Follow up singles, "Hearts Don't Lie" and "Defender" both failed to make much of an impact on the charts and that was really that.

I certainly understand the decision for an artist to switch genres and experiment with a new sound, in fact I encourage it.  That being said, I have a lot of respect for an artist who tries something new, fails, then tries again. Cilmi spoke out to the UK's Herald Sun about the subsequent failure of Ten and how she plans to take control of her career.
"Basically it was an awakening for me to realise the position I am in to make the record that I want to make and just stand up for myself." {SOURCE}
While it sounds like she's saying that the dance/pop sound was not her idea, Cilmi is ready to take the reigns this time around and release music on her own terms.  According to the article, Cilmi hopes to have "consecutive albums finished by the middle of the year." No word as of yet on when we can expect to hear an official first single, but "Vicious Love" is certainly a promising step in the right direction.

Download Gabriella Cilmi on iTunes and check out the Sam Wrench-directed video for "Vicious Love" BELOW.

Check out Gabriella Cilmi on the web:

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