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Misha B Set to Drop New Single, 'Do You Think Of Me' November 4th; Joins Nicki Minaj on Fall Tour 2012

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Misha B Set to Drop New Single, 'Do You Think Of Me' November 4th; Joins Nicki Minaj on Fall Tour 2012

Misha B Do You Think Of Me

The always sassy & brassy Misha B is BACK with a club ready new single, "Do You Think Of Me," due November 4th (via Relentless Records) and taken from her still untitled debut solo album expected later this year/early next year. The X-Factor starlet, also known as Misha Bryan, released her MNEK-produced, drum & bass-infused debut single, "Home Run" this past July, earning rave reviews and crashing onto the UK Singles Chart just outside of the Top 10, peaking at a still impressive #11.  While Misha B has been silent MUSICALLY speaking, she did announce an opening slot on global superstar (and newly minted American Idol judge) Nicki Minaj's upcoming Fall tour (dates BELOW).  What a way to end the year!

Co-written by Misha B herself, with assistance from South Sudanese singer/songwriter Ayak Thiik (Tinchy Stryder, Dappy, James Morrison) and TMS (Professor Green, Dappy, Little Mix), "Do You Think Of Me" is a proper follow-up to considerably the more niche "Home Run."  While "Home Run" certainly allowed for SOME of Misha's powerhouse vocals to shine through, it was at times overshadowed by the glitchy D&B beats and production work.  "Do You Think Of Me" is a far superior vehicle for her considerable instrument, packaged as a current-sounding dance anthem that incorporates that dirty bass along with Misha's soaring vocals, altogether creating a club banger with soul.  Absolutely STUNNING.  The UK has found it's new ultimate dance diva, and her name is Misha B!  According to Misha,
"I really, really loved working on 'Do You Think Of Me.' It's one of those songs where everyone will take away something different from it. I have an emotional connection to the song - it has a very special meaning for me, which I hope comes across in the lyrics and the vocals. I'm so excited for everyone to hear it."
Produced by TMS, "Do You Think Of Me" features a set of equally powerful remixes from Cashtastic, MNEK, Jamie Grind, Benny Page and Liam Keegan and offers listeners an even more delectable taste of what's to come from this up & coming mega talent.

Also worth a watch is the heartbreaking, just released music video for the single.  The video follows the story of two individuals: One, a young girl going through life without a father. The other story, that of a troubled man, going through life without his daughter.  The video is even more poignant, knowing that it's likely LOOSELY based on Misha's own troubled childhood.  Misha's mother, a former heroin addict, gave her daughters to her sister when Misha was only 3 months old.  She never knew her father.  "Do You Think Of Me" seems to be an open call to her Dad, asking the question that ANY child in her position would want to know.  Hits straight through to the heart. It really does.  I love a good dance track, but what I love more is a good dance track with some real emotional and lyrical substance behind it. This has EVERYTHING!

"Do You Think Of Me" will be out in the UK on November 4th via Relentless Records.  You can pre-order the Remix EP on UK iTunes now.  Check out the video BELOW.

UK Tour Dates w/ Nicki Minaj

10/21 - Nottingham Arena
10/22 - Manchester Arena
10/24 - Liverpool Echo Arena
10/25 - Newcastle Arena
10/27 - Birmingham LG Arena
10/28 - Newcastle Arena
10/30 - London 02 Arena
11/02 - Manchester Arena
11/03 - Sheffield Arena
11/07 - Cardiff Arena

Check out Misha B on the web:

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