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Gabriella Cilmi Teases Slinky New Single; Third Album 'The Sting' Out in October

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gabriella Cilmi Teases Slinky New Single; Third Album 'The Sting' Out in October

Gabriella Cilmi | Absolute | Sweetness Tunes | The Sting | Music Is My King Size Bed

Last time I wrote about Aussie "Sweet About Me" chanteuse, Gabriella Cilmi, she had just released a haunting new teaser track called "Sweeter In History."  At the time, while I didn't have any confirmation on a third album, it was pretty clear that her creative juices were a flowin' and a new album was imminent.  Now, the 21 year old singer/songwriter is getting ready to relaunch her career with a stunning new single and album due later this fall, via Sweetness Tunes (her own label)/Absolute.  The single, called "The Sting" (also the name of the album) is out September 2nd, followed by the album October 28th.  Check out the single artwork above and the newly released video below. Gabriella Cilmi is back, and she's On A Mission (to make you forget all about that fun, but largely forgettable second album). So far so good on THAT mission.

While not as "noirish" as "Sweeter In History," "The Sting" (as well as previous release "Vicious Love") marks a new, more grown up sound for Cilmi and an exciting new chapter in her musical story.  This is the kind of song that Cilmi's voice was meant to sing.  It's got a certain darkness about it, but it's up-tempo beat and soulful melody colour all the dark spots and make for quite an enjoyable listen.  "The Sting" is definitely a song that grows on you with each subsequent listen.  The songwriters and producers clearly appreciate the raw, gritty style of Cilmi's vocal as much as I do, as both complement her unique smokey sound so perfectly.  According to Cilmi, 
“It’s about karma- I think the more we try to run away from trouble, the more we find it.... I love the string arrangement in this tune, it adds to the drama- I guess the production is inspired by Danger Mouse, I think he’s a genius.”  
To go along with her "new sound," Cilmi has a new look, one that we first saw in the video for "Sweeter In History." Gone are her long brunette locks, now cropped short and pixie-like.  Wearing a simple, slinky black dress and accessorized by some jewelry and a pair of sexy black peep-toes, Cilmi sells the song to the camera.  Performing in a large, cavernous old church and flanked by a shadowy band, the creepy sepia-drenched setting makes for a perfect backdrop.

Gabriella Cilmi | Sweetness Tunes | The Sting | Music Is My King Size Bed

Following the release of 2009's Ten, Gabriella immersed herself in the creative process, writing and recording with members of her live band.  Cilmi says of album #3's beginning, "I was searching for a sound that reflected the way I felt inside, which was quite vulnerable and traumatised."  Obviously a reference to Ten and how label big-wigs tried to make her into an electropop tart (which anyone who listened to her stunning first album, should have known she was NOT).  "I wanted it to sound the way Italian neo-realist photographs look, that post-war, ruined glamour which is really gritty and heart-breaking."  Among the musical influences for Cilmi this time around; Portishead, Tricky, and other trip-hop acts that had their heyday in the 90s.  Cilmi also cites inspiration from old soul records from the likes of Bessie Smith and Otis Redding.  Quite the eclectic mix but I look forward to hearing how it all comes together when she releases The Sting on October 28th.


Check out Gabriella Cilmi on the web:

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