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Concert Review - Noisettes

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Concert Review - Noisettes

So - as you know, I went to go see the Noisettes yesterday. I went alone and survived. It was a little awkward. I suppose that I could have made more of an attempt to mingle, but let's be honest...I was there for the music and it was a Monday night. I'm plenty social, but I at least need to know one person.

I arrived at Great Scott at a little after 9:00 PM with no opening act to be seen. No worries. I grab a $3.00 High Life and grab a seat at a table...sharing it with a little hipster couple. No interaction at all. I sit there...Tweeting up a storm (follow me on Twitter!), updating my Facebook status, checking on friends Facebook statuses, and checking my email. I was running out of things to do!

A couple beers (and a terrific opening band called PHANTOGRAM) later, I take my final seat for the show...back of the bar at a table, right next to one of those electronic bar video games. I didn't want to cram in with all of those people that I didn't talk to, up by the stage. I just didn't have the energy. Great Scott is a small club so I wasn't worried about not being able to hear.

Noisettes - Never Forget YouA little after 11:00 PM the band starts playing "Wild Young Hearts." Shingai Shoniwa starts the first verse from off stage. She finally makes her entrance, just before the first chorus. She, of course, looks fabulous in a tight black skirt & a frilly black & white blouse with huge, ruffley shoulders. Next up..."Never Forget You" which she does absolutely beautifully. Ms. Shoniwa is a total class act.

After the 10-song set ends, the crowd of course goes crazy. I'm clapping for a few minutes, but am distracted by Twitter (per usual). When I look up...I see Shingai Shoniwa herself, being helped up onto the table in front of mine. How unexpected! She starts singing "Atticus," and of course...pure brilliance. I whip out my camera (others were doing it, so I did it...always my motto) and start snapping photos. No one stopped me! I didn't want to be TOO obnoxious though, so I only got a few. I probably could have repositioned myself and got some better shots, but c'est la vie.

Noisettes Live at Great Scott
Shingai Shoniwa at Great Scott in Allston, MA

At one point, Shingai jumps down from the table (gracefully, of course) and runs over to these two guys who were talking. Sitting in one of their laps, she serenades him, while the other one awkwardly texts on his mobile. Being escorted back up on the table, Shingai finishes the song by doing a very slow somersault, landing on her back, mic in hand. AMAZING. She runs back up to the stage and does "Children of the Revolution." Wow. That's really all I can say. While I'm not too sure I would do another concert alone...I'm definitely glad I went. What a show!

Noisettes - Wild Young Hearts
Set List:

Wild Young Hearts
Never Forget You
24 Hours Ago
Saturday Night
Don't Give Up
Every Now And Then
Scratch Your Name
Don't Upset The Rhythm
Sister Rosetta (Capture The Spirit)


Children Of The Revolution

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