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Ones to Watch in 2011: Colette Carr

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ones to Watch in 2011: Colette Carr

BUZZ can be annoying. Too much BUZZ generally means that a label is overcompensating for a lack of talent. No BUZZ typically means that the artist doesn't have a good A&R. Yes, BUZZ is certainly something that can go either way for an artist, but in rare instances, an artist lives up to all of the BUZZ. Case in point 20 year old - Interscope/Cherrytree Records recording artist Colette Carr. I think it's safe to say that BUZZ, backed by AMPLE TALENT is going to carry her far.

This morning Carr unveiled her hot new single, the Frankmusik-produced "(We Do It) Primo" and the interweb has yet to stop...BUZZING about it, and for good reason. It's AMAZING! Have a listen for yourself below.

Colette Carr - (We Do It) Primo by CherrytreeRecords

There are several reasons to love this song.  Firstly, the song is produced by the MAGICAL Vincent Frank (AKA Frankmusik). Secondly, the song features an ample sample of one of my favorite songs of the past 10 years, Keane's 2004 hit single "Somewhere Only We Know." While the song doesn't feature Carr singing - DAMN the girl does her thing. What is her thing?  Speak-singing...spittin' rhymes and she does it well. While some might say that Ke$ha has cornered the market on this genre of music, I respectfully disagree.  Isn't there room for both?  Going a little bit deeper, if you break it down musically, they really aren't that similar. Ke$ha's sound is more straight up POP, while Colette Carr blends pop, hip-hop and electro into her sound, in turn creating quite the enjoyable audible experience.

Carr, who only recently delved into music, found her true calling at a Game concert at UCLA. According to Carr in an interview with MTV last year, "I started by breaking into a UCLA concert with my sister and jumping onstage. It was a Game concert, and the Game was late." The show's MC asked if anyone in the audience knew how to freestyle and Colette popped right on stage and BAM. New passion. What a spontaneous way to start a music career. While I can see haters coming after about success coming so easily, but A.) who says it was easy for her? and B.) if you got it, flaunt it! Colette Carr's got IT and then some.{SOURCE}

Colette Carr's "(We Do It) Primo" is a fresh, finely produced and hyper infectious slice of pop that highlights her care-free attitude, and has her sunny Malibu personality splashed all over it. - Arjan Writes
"...the result of all this is a kind of Natalia Kills/Ke$ha hybrid, boasting a lot of each artist's good bits and a handfull of each artist's bad bits. Overall she is a good thing, we think." - Popjustice

While this may be the first a lot of you are hearing of Carr, "(We Do It) Primo" isn't actually her first single.  Back in 2009 Carr released "Back It Up," which became an online hit with over 465K views on MTV Music and a spot in the mtvU top 10 videos, followed by a second single called "Bitch Like Me," released in 2010.  Initially signing with Nick Cannon to his labvel N'Credible Records, Carr eventually made her way over to Interscope/Cherrytree where she worked with Cannon and producer Richie Mac to produce her first mixtape, Sex Sells Stay Tooned.  Now we're in 2011 and Colette Carr is ready to burst into the mainstream, working with Frankmusik, Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, Space Cowboy and Pharrell Williams on her debut album, Skitszo, due out later this year.  "(We Do It) Primo" is due out on May 10th so for now, I'll be listening to SoundCloud on repeat.

While we can't get any of her tunes on iTunes just yet, you CAN download the videos for both "Back It Up" and "Bitch Like Me," so check those out HERE.  I'm also posting  the former down below for your viewing pleasure.  Now...please join me in welcoming Colette Carr to the stage.

Check out Colette Carr on the web:

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