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Olly Murs Set to Crack America, Opening for One Direction

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Olly Murs Set to Crack America, Opening for One Direction

Oh My Goodness! Olly Murs has confirmed that he is indeed the opening act for a good portion of One Direction's American tour this summer. This is FANTASTIC news and should provide Murs with some excellent exposure Stateside.  I'm sure American One Direction fans will just eat him alive, considering their fanbase here mainly consists of teenage girls and gay men (myself included in the latter demographic).

I've been a fan of Murs since the release of his self titled debut album back in the Fall of 2010.  In his still very young career, he's seen three #1 singles and two Top 5 albums with his latest, In Case You Didn't Know hitting the top of the official UK Albums Chart upon it's release in late November of 2011. Olly will release the album's third single, "Oh My Goodness," on Monday, April 1st in the UK via Epic Records.  Backed by remixes from Cagedbaby and Almighty and a B-Side called "Don't Say Goodnight Yet," the single was co-penned by Olly, Adam Argyle and Martin Brammer.  The album's first two singles, "Heart Skips a Beat," and "Dance With Me Tonight," both hit #1 on the UK Singles Chart.  Prior to it's release, "Oh My Goodness" peaked at #48 but that number is expected to rise after the singles official release.

Considering how HUGE One Direction is right now in America, this is an opportunity of a lifetime for Murs, who's pretty much completely unknown here in the States.  He's set to play nineteen of the twenty-seven shows with the boys, joining the tour after playing Soccer Aid on May 27th.  Signed to Columbia Records in America, Olly will release "Heart Skips a Beat" as his debut U.S. single later this summer.  While it seems a little silly to wait so long to start promoting him Stateside, I suppose something is better than nothing.  My guess is that having his name on the bill alone will be enough of a buzz-generator.  After every concert hundreds of teens and tweens will be Googling Olly Murs, and by the time Columbia decides to release a single, hopefully his target audience on this side of the pond will already know his name.  Olly made the announcement about the tour via his Twitter account on March 27th, stating:
"I can confirm I am joining @onedirection on their US tour from 29th May as special guest!! Columbia US releasing HSAB in the summer!! #pucka."
Murs was quick to reassure his UK fans that he has no plans to abandon them, saying: "I'm always yours RIGHT here in the UK!! Its my home!! #ukmursarmy."  Well isn't that sweet.  Reiterating his commitment to his UK fans, Olly recently confirmed that he would be back co-hosting the UK's X-Factor post show, the Xtra Factor, alongside Caroline Flack.  Murs has always been nonchalant about conquering America, it just looks like the timing was right for a U.S. takeover. I'm hoping once his X-Factor duties are over and done with, he'll come back to America for some more intimate gigs.

While Olly might be playing second fiddle to One Direction here in America, over in the UK he's been top dog for considerably longer than the quintet has.  Murs rose to prominence as a contestant on the sixth season of The X-Factor, finishing second place to winner Joe McElderry.  His debut single, the infectious summer jam "Please Don't Let Me Go" went straight to #1.  Subsequent singles, "Thinking of Me," "Heart On My Sleeve" and "Busy" all charted but none as impressively as his debut.  The songs all had the same light and fluffy pop feel about them, which was a point of contention among music reviewers and bloggers alike.

His second album, while similar stylistically to his debut, differed JUST enough to make it interesting.  First single "Heart Skips a Beat," featuring UK rap duo Rizzle Kicks included just the right amount of electro to make it a fun departure from his "tired" old sound, while on follow up single, "Dance With Me Tonight" he sort of reverted back to his old ways, albeit a lil bit jazzier.

Check out the video for "Oh My Goodness" below, featuring a cheeky Olly in hot pursuit of a pretty girl at a mall.  Also make sure you check out an acoustic performance of the single HERE and get a true sense of this talented singer/songwriter's chops. I'm beyond ecstatic for Olly Murs and hope that the American 1D fans love him as much as I do.  The guy definitely deserves all the success in the world. For a list of tour dates here in America where you can catch Olly, go HERE.

Check out Olly Murs on the web:

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