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Canadian Electronica Trio Dragonette Drop Fierce New Single, Remixes

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Canadian Electronica Trio Dragonette Drop Fierce New Single, Remixes

Dragonette Let It Go

Canadian electropop trio Dragonette (AKA Martina Sorbara - singer/songwriter, Dan Kurtz - bassist & producer, Joel Stouffer - drummer)  are back with a smashingly good new single, "Let It Go," which was released April 2nd.  The band is currently prepping for the release of their upcoming third album, the follow up to 2009's fantastic Fixin' to Thrill.  "Let It Go," which was written and produced by Dragonette, is a fantastic reintroduction to this criminally overlooked and multi-talented band.  

Fans of the band's 2010 hit Martin Solveig collaboration, "Hello" should love "Let It Go," which has a very similar vibe, thanks mostly to lead vocalist Martina Sorbara's distinctive vocals.  With the song going #1 all across Europe, top ten in the UK and selling over a million copies in the U.S., "Hello" is the band's most massive hit to date, and for good reason!  Unfortunately, Martin Solveig gets to take the credit for that one since the song appeared on his 2011 album Smash.  Now it's time for Dragonette to take credit for a hit and here's hoping that hit is "Let It Go." Is certainly has the makings of a #1...


After touring in support of Fixin' to Thrill for two years, Dragonette seems antsy to get new material out there, almost as excited as we the fans are I would imagine. Of course, given the amount of time has passed since the band actually sat down to write new material, there was definitely some apprehension going into it. According to Sorbara,
"We came at this record wondering ‘How does this whole writing thing work again?’ Do we actually know how to do this part of our job? Are we ever going to write another song?’, and so on. But now somehow, miraculously we have a whole album's worth of songs that we all love and can't wait to unleash on stage and in stereo.”
I'm glad they sorted things out.  The album promises to be filled with "the most raucous songs" the band has ever written,  with some of the "most emotional and delicate songs" thrown in for balance.  Sounds like something worth waiting for, doesn't it?

Since crashing onto the scene in 2005, Dragonette has toured with pop and rock heavy hitters such as Duran Duran, New Order, the Sugababes, collaborating on hits from Basement Jaxx, Cyndi Lauper, Nicola Roberts, and Don Diablo.  Their music has featured in hit TV shows like Grey's Anatomy, The Hills, Gossip Girl, and The Vampire Diaries and popular ad spots for big brands like Toyota, Macy's, Triden and Sony Playstation.  With all of this commercial exposure, why don't more people know about Dragonette?  Well - hopefully after this new album, people will start to take notice.

Dragonette Let It Go Remixes

Why don't you start things off by downloading their fabulous new single, "Let It Go" on iTunes below and pick up some fantastic remixes by Laidback Luke, The Knocks and Faustix & Imanos over on Beatport. Listen to the Laidback Luke mix below.

US iTunes HERE
UK iTunes HERE

Check out Dragonette on the web:

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