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Cassie Picks Up Right Where She Left Off with 'King Of Hearts'

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cassie Picks Up Right Where She Left Off with 'King Of Hearts'

Cassie King of Hearts

It's official. I'm obsessed with Cassie's new single "King Of Hearts," which consequently means I'm obsessed with Cassie - all over again. It's been a minute.  I know, I know...I've been sitting on this one for a while now.  I've been reading about her new stuff over on MuuMuse and The Prophet Blog but only just recently sat down to listen to what she's been up to all of these years since the insanely infectious "Me & U."  While I realize Cassie has been releasing music intermittently since  her self titled debut album back in 2006, up until now, nothing she's put out has really connected with me.

For me, "King Of Hearts" is a natural progression for the 25 year old recording artist. I honestly think we should consider this song her official third song. Please disregard "Is It You," her contribution to the Step Up 2: The Streets soundtrack, or even "Official Girl"- her 2008 single featuring rapper Lil' Wayne, not to mention the slough of more urban-leaning promotional singles ("Must Be Love" feat. Diddy, "Let's Get Crazy" feat. Akon, "Make You A Believer" feat. Jadakiss and "Radio" feat. Fabolous).  Yessir, "King Of Hearts" sounds like exactly the kind of music you'd expect her to make as a follow up to the deliciously delectable "Me & U" and it's equally smashing follow up, "Long Way 2 Go."


The song serves as the lead single from Cassie's highly anticipated sophomore record, to be released via Bad Boy Records.  Written by John J. Conte Jr. and Raelene Selma "The Pheenix" Arreeguin, "King Of Hearts" was produced by J2.  Whereas her first album could be classified as R&B, "King Of Hearts" is straight up electropop.  The song is teeming with the same sexual energy that pulsates through her breathy debut, "Me & U," this time taking it up several notches.  While club-friendly remixes of both "Me & U" and "Long Way 2 Go" satisfied my 'Cassie: Queen of the Clubs' needs, it's nice to hear her releasing a club-ready single right outta the box. NO REMIXES NECESSARY.  While Cassie's never been a singer with vocals for days, she sounds better than ever on this track, taking full advantage of the sleek and sophisticated production.  Cassie reinvents herself as a futuristic 'Queen of the Night' on "King Of Hearts" and I'm bowing down in adoration.  I'm completely smitten.

The stunning video for "King Of Hearts" was shot in the Pacific Palisades, in between photo shoots, presumably for the forthcoming album campaign.  Directed by Christopher Sims, the clip features Cassie in a series of sexy, barely there outfits, strutting around looking like the flaw-free supermodel that she is.  Check out the video below and prepare to hoist your jaw up from the floor, because it's a hot one folks.

Download "King Of Hearts" on U.S. iTunes HERE and make sure you check out this awesome interview by Bradley Stern over at MuuMuse, where he and Cassie talk about fashion, her new album and much more. Also worth a listen? Check out this fresh remix of "King Of Hearts" featuring Kanye West. So beyond thrilled to have Cassie back on the scene!


Check Out Cassie on the web: 

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