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Garbage Set to Release First Album in Six Years on May 15th, First Single and Video Out Now

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Garbage Set to Release First Album in Six Years on May 15th, First Single and Video Out Now

Garbage Blood For Poppies Vinyl
Photo Credit:
First The Cranberries come back, now Garbage? It just keeps getting better!  "Blood For Poppies" is the first new single from Garbage since the band went on "indefinite hiatus" six years ago and I couldn't be happier that Shirley Manson and the crew are back doing what they do best - creating dark, moody rocktronica music.

Written and produced by Garbage, "Blood For Poppies" was released as a free download on March 15th.  The single was added to Alternative Rock Radio and Triple-A Radio in the U.S. March 20th, followed by the singles official release as a digital single March 26th - March 28th (depending on where you live).  The song went on to peak at #24 on Billboard's Alternative Songs chart and at #41 on Billboard's Rock Songs chart. The single will see a physical release on CD single April 16th, followed by a 7" vinyl release April 21st which just so happens to be Record Store Day (check out the 7" vinyl artwork for the single above).  If you have your heart set on the vinyl pressing, you better act fast because only 2,500 units were made, 1,900 of those for U.S. distribution.  The vinyl features the single plus an exclusive 'Heads Down Here We Come' remix.

"Blood For Poppies" is the lead international single off the band's fifth studio album, Not Your Kind of People, due May 14th in Europe and May 15th in North America.  Rather than go the major label route again, Garbage is releasing their new eleven-track album on their own indie label, STUNVOLUME Records.  Recorded in several California studios, the entire album was written and self-produced by the band.  Seems like Garbage is making up for lost time and pouring their hearts and souls into every aspect of this project.  That's the sort of dedication I like to see.  After a six year hiatus, the band appear to be re energized and rearing to go.


The band formed in 1994 in Madison, Wisconsin and consists of Shirley Manson (vocals, guitar), Duke Erikson (bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion), Steve Marker (guitar, keyboards) and Butch Vig (drums, percussion).  The band released their self-titled debut album back in 1995 where it went on to be a Top ten hit in the UK and a top twenty hit here in America, thanks to a bevvy of hot singles like "Vow," "Only Happy When It Rains," "Stupid Girl" and "Milk."  In 1996, the band released "#1 Crush" as a single, taken from the popular soundtrack to Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet.  

Garbage released their sophomore record, Version 2.0, in 1998, achieving their chart best in both the U.S. (#13 on the Billboard 200) and in the UK, where they peaked at #1.  The album spawned a series of hit singles including "I Think I'm Paranoid," "Special" and "When I Grow Up."  In 1999 the band was selected to record the theme song to the nineteenth James Bond film, The World Is Not Enough.  Garbage released their third album, Beautiful Garbage in 2001 featuring the hit singles "Androgyny," and "Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)."  

Their fourth album, Bleed Like Me, followed in 2005, becoming their highest charting album in the U.S., peaking at #4 on the Billboard 200.  The title track went on to become the second highest charting single on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, peaking at #6, up two spots from 1999's "When I Grow Up."
While promoting Bleed Like Me on tour, Garbage decided to take a break, emphasizing via their official website, that they were not breaking up.  

In the six years since their last collaboration, the band members all did their own things;  Manson dabbled in acting (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and worked on her (unreleased) solo album; Vig produced for Green Day, Foo Fighters and Muse.  Now that everyone is rested and invested, it's time to start promoting the album.  For tour dates to see Garbage in a city near you, click HERE.  I'm so pumped for new Garbage
Garbage Battle In Me Vinyl
Photo Credit:

Download "Blood For Poppies" on U.S. iTunes HERE and "Battle In Me" on UK iTunes HERE.  The first official single in the UK, "Battle In Me" is due out physically  May 7th.  Like in the U.S., a limited edition 7" vinyl will be released for Record Store Day on April 21st, featuring "Blood For Poppies" as the B-Side (artwork ABOVE).  Check out the "Blood For Poppies" video BELOW, directed by fashion photographer Matt Irwin and filmed in LA.

Check out Garbage on the web:

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