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[Hot Video Alert] Emeli Sandé - My Kind Of Love

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

[Hot Video Alert] Emeli Sandé - My Kind Of Love

Emeli Sande My Kind of Love

While Emeli Sandé is busy taking over America, her fans in the UK are getting amped up for her the release of her fourth single, the sensational "My Kind Of Love," due May 7th via Virgin Records.  Written by Sandé, Emile Haynie (Kid Cudi, Tinie Tempah) and Danny Keyz (Dr. Dre, Eminem), with the latter two also serving as co-producers alongside Craze & Hoax (Tinie Tempah, Tinchy Stryder), "My Kind Of Love" is another straight up stunner off Sandé's brilliant debut album, Our Version of Events.  

Just like with past singles, "Heaven," "Daddy" and "Next To Me," "My Kind Of Love" complements Sandé's impressive vocal abilities perfectly.  As is the case with all of Sandé's tunes, it's not just about the big notes.  While her range is impressive, it's those softer, subtler, more restrained moments that really strike an emotional chord with the listener.  "My Kind Of Love" is heart-wrenching piano-driven pop tour de force that only Emeli Sandé could deliver.  As if her emotive vocals weren't enough to handle, the equally heartbreaking video surely will drive you over the edge.

Both and the song as well as the video for "My Kind Of Love" were inspired by her time studying medicine at the University of Glasgow.  According to Sandé;
"During my time studying medicine, I found it hard to write, but one of the things that inspired me were the patients and the interaction that they had with their loved ones during their time of illness.  When people arrived at the hospital, money and status became irrelevant and only health mattered, which sparked an honesty between people which was amazing. This interaction, declaration of support and love, was the inspiration for 'My Kind of Love' and something I wanted to try and portray in this video."
Emeli Sandé released her official first U.S. single, "Next To Me," on April 17th.  Her debut album, Our Version of Events, released abroad back in February, is scheduled for release here in America on June 5th through Capitol Records.  The U.S. version of the album will feature a brand new track called "Wonder," a collaboration with Naughty Boy not available on the album's international release.  Sandé is in the midst of promoting her single and album here in America, including her recent U.S. television debut on TBS's Conan (April 19th).  Upcoming performances include BET's 106 & Park on April 23rd, VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live on April 25th and Rachael Ray the week of May 14th.  In addition, Sandé can be seen on MySpace Music's 'One-Two-Watch' feature HERE, offering viewers a look at her rise to fame in the UK and her first ever live U.S. gig.

If you were planning on seeing Coldplay this summer, and happen to love Emeli Sandé, then you're in luck! Sandé has the privelage of opening for the boys during their North American tour starting in Toronto on July 23rd. Side note - how wonderful would she sound singing on Coldplay's "Princess of China?" Just a thought.  If you'd rather see her in a more intimate setting, she's just announced two more dates in Chicago and New York City. In addition to her April 24th performance at Brooklyn's Music Hall of WilliamsburgEmeli Sandé will be playing Lincoln Hall in Chicago on May 30th, and at New York's prestigious Bowery Ballroom on June 4th.

Download Emeli Sandé on iTunes BELOW.

Check out Emeli Sandé on the web:  

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