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Alexandra Burke's Second Single Belly Flops onto the Chart at No. 33; New Album 'Heartbreak on Hold' Out Now

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Alexandra Burke's Second Single Belly Flops onto the Chart at No. 33; New Album 'Heartbreak on Hold' Out Now

Alexandra Burke Let It Go

What happened to Alexandra Burke?  Her latest AUTO-TUNED single, the Cutfather-produced "Let It Go" came out last week, becoming her FIRST single NOT to chart in the UK Top 20, peaking at a majorly disappointing #33.  While this poor chart showing might lead some to question the quality of the new music, Alexandra's camp is blaming radio for essentially BLACKLISTING her.

Why are popular radio stations like Capital FM, Heart FM and LBC Radio shunning Alexandra?  Well, many believe it's because she's no longer signed to Simon Cowell's Syco label, having been released and signed instead to RCA Records.  Now, while Alexandra's new tunes might in fact be basic soulless, Auto-tuned electropop dribble, I don't think this is fair in the slightest.

The first single taken from Burke's JUST RELEASED sophomore record, Heartbreak On Hold, actually did fairly well on the UK Singles Chart following it's release back in March.  Produced by (and featuring) Erick Morillo, Sympho Nympho and Mike Spencer, "Elephant" was a BIG disappointment for me, at least sonically-speaking.  It was just so David Guetta-fied to DEATH that there was very little of Alexandra's real powerhouse voice left!  Sure, the song was filled with Burke's trademark sass and attitude for days, but I wanted to hear her really SANG, not SANG like a frickin' robot.  That being said, "Elephant" still managed to crack the Top 5, peaking at a more than respectable #3.  Now statistically, there is a bit of drop off between singles #1 and #2, but dropping a whole 30 slots is a bit...unexpected, especially considering Burke's past success on the charts.

Alexandra Burke Heartbreak on Hold

With Alexandra Burke's #1 selling 2009 debut album, Overcome, the powerhouse singer experienced the kind of typical chart fluctuation that comes with a debut CD from an X-Factor winner. She burst out the gates with a number one single ("Bad Boys"), followed it with a second Top 10 single ("Broken Heels" - #8), and a third Top 5 single ("All Night Long" - #4).  Then, of course we have a label-mandated album re-release/re-packaging with a couple of new songs, which lead to another #1 ("Start Without You") and then a final big ballad that fizzles out into the Top 20 ("The Silence" - #16), signalling the END of that album's promotional campaign. 

So, now, with Burke's second single TANKING the very same week that her album comes out, where does she go from here?  Does Alexandra Burke have a chance at turning this thing around or is it time to throw in the towel?  I'll be honest...if radio doesn't start supporting her, it's not looking so good.

Check out the Ben Peters-directed "Let It Go" video BELOW and support your girl by downloading the single (iTunes UK) and album, Heartbreak On Hold (iTunes UK).  The new record features collaborations with some of the biggest names in dance music, including Morillo, Fred Falke, Michael Woods, Crystal Waters, Autumn Rowe and more. Look out for hot "Let It Go" club mixes from Bimbo Jones, Digital Dog and Rui Di Silva.  I guess us fans here in American can pretty much forget about an official U.S. Alexandra Burke launch now. Such a bummer.

Who do you think is to blame for Alexandra's recent chart disappointment?

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