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[Hot Video Alert] Sky Ferreira - Red Lips

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[Hot Video Alert] Sky Ferreira - Red Lips

Sky Ferreira Red Lips Video Still

Sky Ferreira dropped the Terry Richardson-directed music video today for her new single, "Red Lips," the latest cut off of her forthcoming debut album, Wild At Heart, due later this year on Capitol Records.  To call 19 year old singer/songwriter/model/actress Sky Ferreira's upcoming debut album one of my most anticipated this year might very well be the UNDERSTATEMENT of the CENTURY!  Working with Jon Brion (Fiona Apple, Rufus Wainwright), Shirley Manson (of Garbage), and Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen, Marina & The Diamonds), Wild At Heart can not come out fast enough!

I've been STANNING hardcore for Sky ever since she dropped her MASSIVELY underrated (quite possibly ahead of it's time) debut single "One," nearly two freakin' years ago.  Not sure if it's an issue of promotion or what, but NOTHING Sky has released has been a commercial success as of yet and if I'm honest, it's all a bit befuddling.

The Bloodshy & Avant-produced "One," was supposed to be her BIG international launch single, but it barely scraped by on the Official UK Singles Chart, peaking at a disappointing #64.  Over here in America, we got "Obsession," a catchy but rather bland and uninspired Ryan Tedder written/produced number (at least there was that super cool video starring Reservoir DogsMichael Madsen). It wasn't altogether AWFUL but it was pretty dumbed down for mainstream American radio.  Backed by a ton of remixes from Static Revenger, Mike Rizzo and Sam Sparro, "Obsession" did manage to crack the Top 40 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Songs chart, peaking at #37, also earning a spot on the Vampire Diaries soundtrack.

Sky Ferreira Red Lips Video Still

In March of last year, Sky released the unbelievably AMAZING As If! EP as a kind of placeholder in between singles and the album, offering up a nice selection of Lyric Videos to go along with virtually every one of the EP's 5 tracks, save for my favorite track, "Haters Anonymous."  Periodically throughout 2011, Ferreira would update fans via Facebook and Twitter, assuring us that she was in fact still signed to Capitol and that an album would be released...eventually.

Never afraid to speak her mind, Sky announced in October of last year that she'd be moving away from "electropop" and going for more of a Blondie-inspired sound on her debut record.  While the album would be sprinkled with electronic elements, it would not all be like what we heard on "One" and on her As If! EP.  In November, the talented singer/songwriter clarified via Facebook that she hopes to one day release a "dance record" made up of her old demos and some newer, more electro-influenced material.   In March of this year, a song called "Lost In My Bedroom" made it's way online, causing Sky to respond, calling it "the most electropop sounding from the record."

Sky Ferreira Red Lips Video Still

In listening to "Red Lips," comparisons to Garbage are inevitable for good reason, considering Sky collaborated with frontwoman Shirley Manson on the track, and seemingly Greg Kurstin as well.  In the just released "Red Lips" video, Sky Ferreira further proves that she's the ultimate   provocateur, dressed in nothing but a white bra and panties, adorned with a delightfully creepy tarantula named Toby.  Being that the song is called "Red Lips," there's also plenty of lipstick in play here, so don't you worry.  In fact, thanks to MuuMuse and his all-knowing ways, for pointing out that the "lipstick" scene is actually an homage to a scene from David Lynch's 1990 cult classic...*GET THIS*...WILD AT HEART, starring Nick Cage and Laura Dern. For those of you who missed the connection, Wild At Heart is the present title for Sky's album.   

"Red Lips" is BY FAR Sky Ferreira's dirtiest, grittiest song yet and if it's any indication of what her new album sounds like, count me in. Check out the stunning video below.

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