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Spice Girl Melanie C Releases Theatrical New Album This September; Stars in West End Production of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spice Girl Melanie C Releases Theatrical New Album This September; Stars in West End Production of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'

Melanie C I Dont Know How To Love Him

At the end of June, Spice Girl Melanie C announced the forthcoming release of her sixth studio album, Stages, featuring "a collection of songs from the theater that have been important to Melanie at various stages in her life."  The album was produced by long time collaborator, Peter-John Vettese (Pet Shop Boys, Cher, Carly Simon) and includes a duet with fellow Spice cohort Emma Bunton as well as the album's first buzz single, "I Don't Know How To Love Him," from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.  Check out the JUST released artwork for the single (shot by Tim Bret-Day), which will be released digitally worldwide starting this Sunday, July 22nd via Melanie's own label Red Girl Records.

In addition to being the new album's first buzz track, "I Don't Know How To Love Him" holds another special significance, in that Melanie will be singing the song live every night when she co-stars as Mary Magdalene this fall in a new production of Jesus Christ Superstar, celebrating 40 years since the show first opened in London's prestigious West End theater district.

As if that wasn't enough to get excited about, Melanie currently stars in ITV's latest musical reality series, "Superstar," in which Melanie serves as one of the judges (alongside Jason Donovan and Dawn French) assisting Andrew Lloyd Weber in finding a lead a new UK touring cast.  The show culminates with the live finale, set to air on ITV Wednesday, July 25th with Melanie performing her lead single, backed with a studio band.  Sounds AMAZING!

While the tracklisting and release date for Stages has yet to be announced, Melanie has confirmed a duet with former bandmate and close friend Emma Bunton.  The duo recorded a special version of (one of my favorites) "I Know Him So Well," from the musical Chess and originally performed by Elaine Page and Barbara Dickson.  The track was penned by Benny Andersson & Bj√∂rn Ulvaeus (from ABBA) as well as Tim Rice. As excited as I am for Melanie C's new album, the fact that Emma Bunton has been included on the album is even more thrilling! I've been ITCHING for new Emma tunes since her last album, 2006's 60s inspired flop Life In Mono. Hopefully this project will reignite the radio personality and mom of two's passion for pop music once again.

Melanie C's last album, 2011's The Sea marked her first record in four years. Preceded by the release of lead single, "Rock Me," The Sea offered a mix of pop/rock and dance pop sounds, highlighted by Melanie's trademark power house vocals. In May, Melanie joined forces with DJ/Producer/Singer/Songwriter Jodie Harsh to release The Night, a three track EP of dance tunes, inspired by the early success of her fourth single, "I Turn To You," which turned out to be a massive worldwide dance hit.

Stages is due in September. Plan on being in the UK this Fall? Get tickets to see Melanie in Jesus Christ Superstar HERE. Oh and check out the video for her 2011 single, "Think About It" BELOW.


Check out Melanie C on the web:

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