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80s & 90s Girl Group Exposé Return with New Single, 'Shine On'; Remixes by KlubJumpers, Oliver Watts, Drew Pearson & More

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Monday, August 6, 2012

80s & 90s Girl Group Exposé Return with New Single, 'Shine On'; Remixes by KlubJumpers, Oliver Watts, Drew Pearson & More

Expose Shine On

80s & 90s pop aficionados REJOICE! Miami-based pop group Exposé is BACK in 2012 with a brand new single and bangin' remixes.  Set for release August 7th, "Shine On" marks the girls' first single in almost 17 years.  "Shine On" is reportedly the first song taken from an upcoming new album, what would be their first studio album since 1992's self-titled Exposé.  Whether this is a one-off release or the first tease off a new record...welcome back ladies! You've been missed.

As full-fledged indie artists, I was half expecting the production value on "Shine On" to sound dated but much to my surprise, that was not the case, at least as far as the remixes are concerned.  While the single version has yet to leak, remixes by Grammy-nominated oufit, KlubJumpers (Britney Spears, Jason Derulo) and Drew Pearson (Lolene, Katy Perry) have surfaced (at least in partial form) and they are pretty solid. Thank God! There's nothing worse than an unintentionally-dated-sounding dance song that ONLY sounds dated because the band is on a budget.  "Shine On" has also been remixed by DJ Amy Alderman (Joy Toy), Chris Thomas (RuPaul, Debby Holiday, Ari Gold) and Oliver Watts (Kristine W, Jenn Cuneta, Lauren Hildebrandt).

Expose Shine On

Exposé originally formed back in 1984 with Sandra Casañas, Alejandra Lorenzo and Laurie Miller in the original lineup.  First single, "Point Of No Return" became a #1 Hit on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, introducing the freestyle genre of dance music to a mainstream radio-listening audience.  Following the success of their first single, the band landed a deal with the (now defunct) Sony subsidiary, Arista Records, releasing a new single, "Exposed to Love" shortly thereafter.

In the midst of recording their debut album, Exposure, the label pulled a little switcheroo on the band, replacing the three original members with three new ladies; Jeanette Jurado, Gioia Bruno and Ann Curless.  The band released their debut album in February of 1987, led by lead single "Come Go With Me," which peaked at #5 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.  Later that year the new lineup re-recorded and released "Point of No Return," giving the girls yet another top 5 hit on the Hot 100 chart.  Throughout the late 80s, Exposé toured and promoted their debut album, making appearances on popular shows including American Bandstand, Solid Gold, Showtime at the Apollo and The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers, even opening for Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam during their national tour.  The album went on to achieve triple platinum status.

The band's sophomore album, What You Don't Know was released in 1989, including hits like "When I Looked at Him," "Tell Me Why" and the album's title track, all of which were top 10 smashes, making Exposé the first girl group to have seven back-to-back top 10s on the Billboard Hot 100.  When Bruno developed a tumor on her vocal chords, she was forced her to exit the group (and stop singing for almost 7 years!), she was ultimately replaced by Kelly Moneymaker in in 1992.  

With Moneymaker now a full-time member of Exposé, the trio released their third, self-titled album with Clive Davis on board as executive producer.  While not as commercially successful as their past two albums, Exposé did produce modest hits like "I Wish The Phone Would Ring" and "I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me."  The band was dropped from Arista in 1995 leaving the girls do their own solo projects, including Bruno who recovered from her ailment and returned to the world of dance music with her 2004 album, Expose This.

While the girls have performed together over the years and a number of 'Best of' compilations have been released, fans had to wait until 2011 for Exposé to release anything remotely new.  The ladies re-recorded a new version of their debut single, "Point of No Return," produced and remixed by Giuseppe D. and Chris Cox and released June 20th, 2011.  That December the girls' also put out a holiday/charity single, "I Believe in Christmas (Like It Used To Be)" with proceeds benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project.  

"Shine On" is due August 7th and can be pre-ordered on Exposé's official website. In addition to the remixes, newly recorded versions of some of the band's early hits, including "Point of No Return," "Let Me Be The One," "Come Go With Me" and "Seasons Change" are included on the CD Maxi.  Listen to clips of the "Shine On" remixes BELOW.

"Shine On" CD Maxi Track Listing:

1. Shine On (Drew Pearson Mix)
2. Shine On (Klubjumpers Radio Mix)
3. Shine On (Klubjumpers Klub Mix)
4. Shine On (DJ Amy Alderman's Anthem Mix)
5. Shine On (Chris Thomas Light of Love Remix)
6. Shine On (Oliver Watts JBH Club Mix)
7. Point of No Return (2012 Re-Recorded Original)
8. Let Me Be The One (2012 Re-Recorded Original)
9. Come Go With Me (2012 Re-Recorded Original)
10. Seasons Change (2012 Re-Recorded Original)

Check out Exposé on the web:

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