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New Album Art Wednesday!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Album Art Wednesday!

You know me and album artwork by now. I'm obsessed with it. Need to have it. Here's a bunch of new stuff for you to scope out. Thanks mostly to Coverlandia.

Blake Lewis - Sad Song Much to my surprise, iTunes was selling remixes for the new Blake Lewis single "Sad Song" this Tuesday. Featuring remixes by Jason Nevins, Pilotpriest, and Craig C, this is a pretty hot collection. It also features new album art with Blake actually in the photo. That makes it all better for me!

Eva Simons - Silly Boy US Single
Eva Simons - Silly Boy Digital Single
I've heard rumblings about Eva Simons but only just now did I actually listen to her debut single, "Silly Boy." Wow. It's hot! Apparently it's coming out in the U.S. on September 7th. Exciting indeed. The 25 year old Dutch singer first gained recognition in 2004 as part of the now defunct pop group Raffish - winners of the the Dutch version of Popstars. Now signed to EMI, she has her eyes on world domination with her sexy new single, first uploaded to YouTube in May of this year.

Straight No Chaser - Six PackI was super excited when I heard that my favorite A Capella group, IU's own Straight No Chaser, was releasing a new EP. Well it's here! I guess I forgot...or thought that it was coming onto iTunes at the same time. I just didn't remember all the details. While it will eventually be released to iTunes I'm sure, right now it's being sold exclusively on the SNC official site. You have 3 options - "The Solo," which includes the EP in your choice of HQ digital file formats; "The Duet," which includes the HQ digital files AS WELL as the EP on a physical CD; finally, "The Trio" which includes everything from the first two options PLUS a free T-shirt. I chose "The Duet." I love it. So far my favorite is the boys' cover of The Script's beautiful "The Man Who Can't Be Moved." Stunning.

Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon I don't know too much by Kid Cudi to be perfectly honest, with the exception of that bangin' club remix of "Day 'n' Night" with the Crookers. Regardless, from the interviews I've read and the other tracks that I've heard this is definitely going to be a hot album. Thanks to The Prophet for posting this album art.

Nelly Furtado - Mi Plan I'm all for "world music." That being said, I'm more excited about the new Nelly Furtado English-language album (out 2010) than I am about her Spanish language album, Mi Plan (out September 15th) but I am definitely excited about ANYTHING Nelly Furtado. First single "Manos al Aire," and newer singles "Más" and the title track featuring Álex Cuba are all strong. I love Nelly's voice...PERIOD. I also am loving the Robbie Rivera remixes of "Manos al Aire" and can't wait to hear the Tiësto remixes that are forthcoming.

Shakira - She Wolf According to Coverlandia, this IS NOT CONFIRMED to be official...rather it's THOUGHT to be the official album artwork for the long awaited new English language Shakira album. I like it, whether it's fanmade or official. Shakira is looking fantastic these days. "She Wolf" is one of my favorite tracks of the summer so far and her album is looking like it will be one of my favorites of the fall. I know this will be a favorite because, working with RedOne, Pharell Williams, Wyclef and others AND because of the fact that she's admitted to having more of an electro sound this time around, how can this not be bomb? Tailor made for me.

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