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Adam Lambert Has A Sure Fire Hit On His Hands

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Adam Lambert Has A Sure Fire Hit On His Hands

Adam Lambert did it. His new single is everything I wanted and more from the Season 8 American Idol runner up. No, I'm not talking about his 2012 contribution, "Time For Miracles," (which isn't all that bad) I'm referring to his potential SMASH single and the album's title track, "For Your Entertainment." This song is HOT! Wow. Way to go Claude Kelly & Dr. Luke!

Adam LambertReleased on Halloween (October 31st), the single makes me even more excited than ever for Lambert's debut, due out November 23rd. I was worried that Lambert's INSANE rock-star vocal range would be wasted on the album's up-tempo tracks but FYE went ahead and proved me dead wrong. Written by Claude Kelly ("Circus" by Britney Spears) and produced by Dr. Luke (Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Flo-Rida, Kelly Clarkson), Lambert introduced the single on Ryan Seacrest's October 30th radio show.

According to Lambert in an official statement, "I feel so lucky to have been granted true oppotunity to work with some of the top producers and writers in popular music. This album is a reflection of their genius and the collaborative energy that they were gracious enough to share with me." Glad to see that just how humbled Adam Lambert still is over this whole experience. You certainly would need to keep a level head when working with the talent that Adam's label rounded up on this project. Counted amongst the collaborators is one of Adam Lambert's contemporary musical inspirations, Lady Gaga, who along with producer Jeff Bhasker, co-wrote one track on the album ("Fever"). In addition to Gaga, singer P!nk co-wrote "Whataya Want From Me," along with hitmakers Max Martin and Johan Shellback. Matthew Bellamy of the popular British electro-rock group Muse (another one of Lambert's favorites) wrote a tracked called "Soaked," and Justin Hawkins, former lead singer of the Darkness wrote the album's lead track, "Music Again."

Additional contributions can be found from Rivers Cuomo, Greg Wells, Linda Perry, Ryan Tedder and Lambert himself, who co-wrote four tracks including "Strut" which he co-wrote with Greg Wells and Kara DioGuardi. Four tracks (including "Time For Miracles) on the record were produced by Rob Cavallo who has worked with rock outfits like Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Paramore as well as Chris Isaak, Jewel, Alanis Morisette and American Idol Season 7 Winner David Cook.

Ramping up for the album's release on the 23rd, Lambert will perform the new single on "The American Music Awards," (Sunday, November 22nd) and will do a special live concert performance on "Good Morning America" (Wednesday November 25th) as well as a performance on Letterman that same night. Be on the lookout for more TV and promotional appearences which will be announced soon. I can honestly say that I haven't been this excited about an American Idol CD since Kelly Clarkson released Breakaway.

Adam Lambert
Check out the album's full tracklisting as well as SONGWRITING and PRODUCER credits.
1. Music Again (Justin Hawkins/Rob Cavallo)
2. For Your Entertainment (Claude Kelly & Dr. Luke/Dr. Luke)
3. Whataya Want From Me (P!nk, Max Martin & Johan Shellbeck/Max Martin & Johan Shellback)
4. Strut (Adam Lambert, Kara DioGuardi & Greg Wells/Greg Wells)
5. Soaked (Matthew Bellamy (MUSE)/Rob Cavallo)
6. Sure Fire Winners (David Gamson, Alexander James & Oliver Lieber/Rob Cavallo)
7. A Loaded Smile (Linda Perry/Linda Perry)
8. If I Had You (Max Martin, Johan Shellback & Savan Kotecha/Max Martin & Johan Shellback)
9. Pick U Up (Rivers Cuomo, Greg Wells & Adam Lambert/Greg Wells)
10. Fever (Lady Gaga & Jeff Bhasker/Jeff Bhasker)
11. Sleepwalker (Ryan Tedder, Aimee Mayo & Chris Lindsey/Ryan Tedder)
12. Aftermath (Adam Lambert, Alisan Porter, Ferras & Ely Rise/Howard Benson)
13. Broken Open (Greg Wells, Adam Lambert & Evan Bogart/Greg Wells)
14. Time For Miracles (Alain Johannes & Natasha Shneider/Rob Cavallo)

Check out Adam Lambert on the web:

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