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Natalia Kills Is 'Fresh To Death'

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Natalia Kills Is 'Fresh To Death'

Let me just say that I've been aware of Natalia Kills since she digitally released first promo single "Zombie" last December.  I know there's been a lot of internet buzz about this lady and for good reason! She's amazing!  She's got a great voice, she's GORGEOUS and her music released so far all features super-slick production no expense spared. There's something really mysterious about the British born singer/songwriter Natalia Keery-Fisher (AKA Natalia Kills).  For me, it's the promotional artwork that's come out so far which paints this picture. The black and white single sleeves for both "Zombie" and "Activate My Heart" seem to portray her as a modern day femme fatale of sorts.  A woman with a secret.  I think that's part of her appeal.  It's at least what hooked me in initially.  I am loving this explosion of electro-pop female vocalists that have come out here in America recently!  First on the scene was Lady Gaga.  Whether or not she was actually first on the scene doesn't really matter. Gaga paved the way for this new crop of pop artists to get their music played on mainstream U.S. radio.  Because of this new interest in the dance/pop genre, artists like Lolene, Sky Ferreira and Natalia Kills will all get a much-deserved shot at cracking the top of the charts (and I hope they do).

Signed to Music Group (distributed by Interscope/Cherrytree Records) the multi-talented singer and actress first garnered attention when she starred in the BBC radio soap The Archers, followed by a role on the BBC comedy series All About Me.  After signing to a UK indie label in 2003, Natalia (then known as Verbalicious) released her debut single, "Don't Play Nice" in 2005.  The single went on to chart at #11.  Even after parting ways with her label, Natalia didn't go away. In fact, in 2008 she had the distinction of being named the #1 unsigned artist on MySpace Music, ultimately leading to her re-discovery by, who subsequently signed her to his label.  After stepping in on guest vocals for Flo-Rida's Akon collaboration, "Available" it was time to get started on her solo debut.

Going by the name "Natalia Kills," she set out to make "darker sounding pop music" and released her first video for "Zombies," a promotional single released to get the buzz going.  While the single failed to ignite the charts, it succeeded in generating the singer some buzz, predominantly online.  "Zombie" would be the first single released from her debut album Perfectionist, due out this Fall.  In an effort to help promote the release of her singles and eventual album, Kills' produced and co-directed an online mini-series called Love Kills xx as well as a film The Exhibitionist.  The episodes tell a story while showcasing some of her new songs.  The 10-episode first season aired on the Cherrytree Records website and a second season is set to film before the year is out.  This girl's quite ambitious, wouldn't you say? I admire that immensley! She has a vision and the people she has behind her are all about that vision.

Writing her own lyrics, Kills can't do it alone and supposedly has some pretty fabulous collaborators on board for this record.  She's rumored to be working with several top-notch producers including Jeff Bhasker, Fernando Garibay, Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, and hitmaker Akon. Sounds AMAZING. If her past three singles are any indication, Natalia Kills could be the next big thing.  Her official first single "Mirrors" is out now on iTunes.  Make sure you check out this little sneak peak at the video for "Mirrors" and look out for more info on her debut album Perfection, coming out this Fall.

Check out Natalia Kills on the web:
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