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Hot Video Alert: Sam Sparro - The Shallow End

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Hot Video Alert: Sam Sparro - The Shallow End

Since releasing his BRILLIANT self-titled debut album back in 2008, I've been eagerly awaiting new material from 29 year old Aussie-born/U.S. & UK based singer/songwriter Sam Sparro. Well folks, that moment has FINALLY arrived.  "The Shallow End" is the first tease of new stuff from Sparro, who's sophomore record, Return To Paradise, is due for release in May via EMI. HALLELUJAH!

I'm uncertain, whether or not "The Shallow End" is Sparro's first single or if it's just a promotional teaser of what's to come.  Given the low LOW budget of this "music video," my guess is that it's the former.  The video appears to be a mix of "behind the scenes" footage of Sparro and his band, friends, producers, etc. recording, what I'm guessing to be the forthcoming new album.  There's a lot of footage of Sparro goofing off, playing with his puppies, walking around in a tank, generally acting really casual.  Regardless, at this point I'll take what I can get of Sparro. His first album remains to this day, one of my favorite pop albums of the past few years.  Hell, I'm so desperate for new Sam Sparro, I'll even accept him with that creepy, perv-stache plastered above his upper lip.

Musically speaking, "The Shallow End" doesn't really deviate too far from the electro-soul sound of Sparro's last string of singles (including the Grammy-nominated hit single "Black and Gold") which I guess is a good thing.  According to the press release, Sparro brought on musicians from all over the globe to record Return To Paradise, working with long-time producer and collaborator Jesse "Golden Touch" Rogg.  Other collaborators include the delectable Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen, Sia), Jono Sloan (from Empire of the Sun), Tim Anderson (from Ima Robot) and Lester Mendez (Shakira, Nelly Furtado).  Musicians wrangled in to play on the album include Stuart Zender (founding bass player from Jamiroquai), violinist Caitlin Moe, the horn section from Hercules and Love Affair, as well as Midnight Magic, Charlie Wilcocks, Dave Wilder, Felix Bloxsom and Sparro's very own brother and father on guitars.  Helping out on the songwriting end, Sparro worked with Best Coast's own Bethany Cosentino, Florence + The Machine's Isabella Summers and Swedish singer/songwriter Erik Hassle (who appears in the video below). Sounds like an AMAZING cluster of talented folks here. From the official release:
"The results are an eclectic collection of songs about love lost and the quest for happiness. Stylistically, there are songs that range from 80′s electro soul and disco dance floor fillers to beautiful ballads."
Can't wait to hear what else Sparro has got.  Sounds like a worthy follow up to me.  Check out the homemade video for "The Shallow End" below and download Sam's debut album on U.S. iTunes HERE before the new one comes out this spring.

UPDATE: Sam Sparro has announced a U.S. "Mini-Tour"! So exciting! Check out the tour dates below:

February 4th//San Francisco, CA//Independent
February 6th//Los Angeles, CA//Key Club
February 19th//Boston, MA//Brighton Music Hall
February 21st//New York, NY//Highline Ballroom
February 23rd//Philadelphia, PA//World Café
February 24th//Washington, DC//Rock and Roll Hotel
February 26th//Atlanta, GA//Masquerade
February 27th//Orlando, FL//Social
February 28th//Miami, FL//Bardot

Check out Sam Sparro on the web:

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