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Ones to Watch: Andreas Moe

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Ones to Watch: Andreas Moe

Andreas Moe Collecting Sunlight

By way of Stockholm I bring you yet ANOTHER new Swedish artist worth a listen.  Andreas Moe is a talented and devilishly handsome 23 year old singer/songwriter, set to release his debut EP, Collecting Sunlight in the UK on June 25th.  Having already established himself with a substantial following in his homeland, Moe is ready to enter the notoriously difficult UK pop market.  What's more is that Andreas Moe is opting to launch himself in the UK without a record label, a brave act for a relatively unknown artist. More power to him!

Prior to signing his first publishing deal in the UK in January 2011, Moe spent time perfecting his talents as a songwriter and well rounded musician, writing songs and forming several bands which played gigs in pretty much every bar, venue and youth center in Stockholm. It wasn't too long before Andreas Moe became a highly sought after writer, session guitarist, producer and singer, hence leading to his UK publishing deal.

Moe's musical inspirations are vast and quite diverse, everything from Michael Jackson and Iron Maiden to Kiss and Jeff Buckley.  The main inspirations behind his latest EP, Collecting Sunlight, are a bit more contemporary, listing artists like Beirut, Bon Iver and Kanye West.  Moe describes his current sound as "The Script meets Robyn meets Prince. 'Electronic but Organic.'"  Intriguing. I definitely want to hear more!  While musically, Moe might be influenced by other artists, from a songwriting standpoint, it's all him.  The songs on his new EP cover his experiences with love (positive and negative) and are all inspired by one girl.  "The heart features heavily in every single song and forms the emotional thread of the EP."  Check out the EP's tracklisting BELOW and download it on June 25th.

Track Listing:

Collecting Sunlight
My Side Of The Bed
Stay So We Stay Us
Half A Heart Of Love
(Bonus Track) Long Time

Andreas Moe first hit the big time back in 2011 when he was asked to feature on internationally acclaimed DJ Avicii's worldwide hit single "Fade Into Darkness" (the very same song controversially sampled in Leona Lewis' flop single "Collide").  His next foray into dance music was with the Gold-selling "Long Time," which he co-wrote alongside Swedish DJ John de Sohn.  Since then, Moe has collaborated with a string of popular DJs including Norman Doray, Fedde Le Grand and Eddie Thoneick.  In 2012, Moe has been exercising his talents as a songwriter, writing two Top 10 European singles for Chris Hordijk and Silke Mastebooms (runners up on The Voice Holland & Belgium). He's also written and performed four songs, set to be featured on the latest Noel Clarke film, The Knot, due early next year via Universal Pictures.  

Andreas Moe is a multi-talented artist most deserving of my 'Ones to Watch' label. I can't wait to hear what this guy does next.  Check out Moe in the video for John de Sohn's Gold-selling dance single, "Long Time" BELOW.

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