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Ellie Goulding Announces North American Tour Dates, Including SXSW, Coachella Appearances

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Ellie Goulding Announces North American Tour Dates, Including SXSW, Coachella Appearances

I have been waiting for this day...oh MAN have I been waiting for this day. Ellie Goulding is COMING TO AMERICA!  The talented singer/songwriter announced today that she'd be going out across the U.S. and Canada in support of her forthcoming debut album, Lights, out March 8th on Cherrytree/Interscope Records.

Starting out in Austin, TX on March 16th and doing four dates at SXSW, Goulding, her drums and (hopefully) tambourine in tow moves across the continent playing in major markets Washington DC, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boulder, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Portland, San Fransisco and San Diego. In addition to her U.S. dates, Goulding will cross the border into Canada twice - once in Toronto and once in Vancouver. The tour comes to a close with a performance at the SOLD OUT Coachella music festival. What a run - and I for one can't freakin' wait to see her here in Boston. Looks like she's excited about her adventure as well.
“I’m really excited to come to America and visit new places and see new countryside,” she says. “I feel ready to introduce my music and see what people think of it there. I’m hoping they’ll like it and be inspired, the way I was when I first heard certain artists. I want to create that excitement you get when you’ve discovered something special and feel happy to have ever come across it in the first place.”
Well, Ellie. I've been talking you up to friends and co-workers alike and potentially have a big group coming to see you on March 23rd. Some are familiar and already big fans, some haven't heard of you before but are open minded. I look forward to reaffirming everything I know about how talented you are AND introducing you to a whole new crop of fans. Bring on the tour!
Tour Dates:

March 16/Austin, TX/SXSW
March 17/Austin, TX/SXSW
March 18/Austin, TX/SXSW
March 19/Austin, TX/SXSW
March 22/Washington,DC/Rock And Roll Hotel
March 23/Boston, MA/Brighton Music Hall
March 24/New York, NY/Webster Hall
March 25/Philadelphia, PA/World Café Live Downstairs
March 27/Toronto, ON/Great Hall
March 30/Chicago, IL/Lincoln Hall
March 31/Minneapolis, MN/Fine Line Music Café
April 2/Boulder, CO/Fox Theater
April 3/Salt Lake City, UT/Avalon Theatre
April 10/Vancouver, BC/Venue
April 11/Seattle, WA/Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room
April 13/Portland, OR/Doug Fir Lounge
April 14/San Francisco, CA/Rickshaw Stop (Popscene)
April 16/San Diego, CA/Casbah
April 17/Indio, CA/COACHELLA
While this trip to America will be her longest, it won't be her first. Promoting the release of her debut EP, An Introduction To Ellie Goulding (download it HERE) last September, the talented "folktronica" singer performed two critically acclaimed gigs in New York and LA. Back in her native UK, Lights was a tremendous success, debuting in the #1 spot on the UK Album Chart. In addition to a #1 album, Goulding's also notched two Top 5 singles ("Starry Eyed" and "Your Song") and two Top 25 ("Guns & Horses," "The Writer") singles in her belt. What about awards and accolades? Already a BRIT award-winner last year, Goulding is currently nominated for two 2011 BRIT awards for 'British Female Solo Artist' and 'British Breakthrough Act'. Find out if she wins on February 15th! Goulding's sixth UK single "Lights" is due out in early 2011. Check out the stunning video below.

Check out Ellie Goulding on the web:

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