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Ones to Watch: Conor Maynard

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ones to Watch: Conor Maynard

Conor Maynard
PHOTO CREDIT: Brooke Nipar
19 year old singer/songwriter Conor Maynard might just be Britain's answer to Justin Bieber.  While I don't think Bieber has to worry about this talented young newbie stealing his thunder, or more specifically pilfering his fans - musically speaking, Maynard fits snugly in that same urban pop genre where "The Biebs" currently reigns supreme.  Personally, I think they are different ENOUGH artists that Maynard should have no trouble breaking through. What do you think?

At only 19 years old, Conor Maynard is already a bonafide hitmaker in his native UK, with his debut single, "Can't Say No" hitting #2 on the Official Singles Chart when it was released by Parlophone this past spring. Now signed with Capitol Records, Maynard has his eyes set on the U.S.A. with the forthcoming release of his debut American single, "Vegas Girl," out July 24th. The single will precede Conor's debut album, Contrast, which is due July 30th in the UK and September 18th in the States. Go get em Conor!

As is the case with much of today's youthful pop talent, Maynard counts among his influences: Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Justin Bieber's greatest champion (other than Scooter Braun) Usher, and Justin Timberlake.  As is ALSO the case with much of today's young talent, Conor got his start in the music industry by posting videos of himself onto YouTube.  Encouraged by the positive feedback he received, Conor kept at it, turning out flawless covers of songs by Chris Brown ("Crawl"), Taio Cruz ("Dynamite"), Rihanna ("Only Girl") and Ne-Yo ("Beautiful Monster") which racked up millions of view.  Earning praise from virtually all of the artists he covered, Maynard was actually contacted by both Ne-Yo and Taio Cruz, both of whom offered to produce and sign him.   Now how's that for beginners luck!
Conor Maynard Contrast
Following that initial bit of celebrity fawning, Conor got to work on his debut album, booking studio time with Pharrell Williams, Jermaine Dupri, Midi Mafia (50 Cent, Frank Ocean), Kevin Rudolf (Jay Sean, Lil' Wayne), Sandy Vee (Rihanna, Pitbull), Crada (Drake, Kid Cudi) and award winning songwriter Diane Warren. Following their session, Pharrell Williams predicted that Conor Maynard was going to "change the future of pop music." Now that's quite an endorsement! Since then, Maynard has been winning fans (adoringly referred to as "Mayniacs") left and right even winning MTV UK's "Brand New For 2012" Award and racking up over 64 million views on YouTube and becoming the seventh most subscribed to YouTube channel in the UK.

While Conor Maynard might not be a household name just yet here in America, I think he has what it takes to make it there.  Check out the videos for "Vegas Girl" and "Can't Say No" BELOW. Download "Can't Say No" today (iTunes UK//iTunes US) and pick up the "Vegas Girl" EP, featuring remixes by Wideboys and Tortuga as well as a cover of Drake's hit song "Marvin's Room," starting on July 24th (iTunes UK//iTunes US).

Check out Connor Maynard on the web:

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