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[Hot Video Alert] 2 Shoes - Turn Me On (Turn Me Out)

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Friday, August 3, 2012

[Hot Video Alert] 2 Shoes - Turn Me On (Turn Me Out)

X-Factor Series 8 finalists 2 Shoes made quite a splash last season when they joined Judge Tulisa's team as one of the "Groups."  The Essex-based duo consisting of Charley Bird and Lucy Texeira were known for their over-the-top personalities, overdone hair and makeup and of course, their obsession with SHOES.  Now signed to dance label and Universal subsidiary All Around The World (AATW), 2 Shoes are STEPPING it up with the release of their debut single, "Turn Me On (Turn Me Out)" on August 13th

The song, a CHEESY house cover of a song originally performed by dance diva Kathy Brown back in 1994, is a perfect fit for these future gay icons, and while I doubt we're going to see it top the Billboard Dance Charts like it did back in '94, it sure is a lot of fun.  A corresponding music video was released via the AATW YouTube channel on June 22nd and features Charley and Lucy as futuristic sexy scientists getting their Dr. Frankenstein on, creating the perfect male specimen in an ├╝ber low budget FX-simulated laboratory.  It might just be the gayest thing I've ever seen (and that's saying something!).

Before forming 2 Shoes, Charley and Lucy well on their way to becoming pop stars.  Charley became a member of a touring harmony band that supported a bevvy of artists including Kym Marsh, followed by success in a BBC song writing competition and an album with Benny Anderson of ABBA.  Lucy got her musical start at the age of seven, performing in a high profile rock/pop choir called Choirwood, which lead to her being scouted for other local singing groups in and around Essex.  Lucy's big break came when she got the chance to duet with Blue-member Duncan James as part of a SKY One TV program.

In their twenties the girls started hearing of one another as they both started to heat up the Essex music scene and ultimately decided to join forces as a dynamic duo.  Going by the name "New Shoes," Charley and Lucy formed their duo back in 2009 when they performed in and around their native Essex, hitting up local pubs, clubs, restaurants, festivals and YES...even weddings.  Auditioning for The X-Factor in 2010, the girls failed to make it through to The Judges Houses round, a feat they ultimately accomplished in 2011, going by the name 2 Shoes. As the first of the Groups to be eliminated from Series 8, 2 Shoes was given the opportunity to re-enter the competition following Frankie Cocozza's expulsion, however the girls received the lowest number of votes, losing out to Amelia Lily.  

Check out the video for "Turn Me On (Turn Me Out)" BELOW and download the single with remixes by Supasound, Rudedog, 7th Heaven and Jay Wainwright on August 13th.  The single is also featured on the Clubland 21 dance music compilation, available now (iTunes UK).

Check out 2 Shoes on the web:

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