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V V Brown Unleashes New Sound on 'Samson'; Announces New Album and Record Label

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Monday, May 27, 2013

V V Brown Unleashes New Sound on 'Samson'; Announces New Album and Record Label

V V Brown | Samson | Samson and Delilah | YOY Records | Music Is My King Size Bed
Photo Credit: Paul Kalirai
Following the decision to SCRAP her completed sophomore album, Lollipops & Politics, UK singer/songwriter/model/entrepreneur and lover of vintage fashion, V V Brown is back in a big way with her new single, "Samson."  For those of you hoping for "Shark In The Water" part II, don't hold your breath.  While nothing like her Top 40-friendly signature song, "Samson" isn't a complete diversion from the rest of the material found on her beautifully layered 2009 debut, Travelling Like The Light.  "Samson" has an epic sound...reminding me of something you might hear in a movie montage leading up to a massive medieval battle scene.  Hauntingly dark and gritty, "Samson," while totally different than "Shark In The Water," is a bit more reminiscent of past singles, "Crying Blood," "Game Over" and even to a degree, her last single "Children."  Call it unconventional pop, indie pop- call it whatever you like. "Samson" isn't Top 40 material but it is 100% V V Brown and that, I think, is why I like it so much.

"Samson" is taken from Brown's forthcoming second album, Samson and Delilah, marking a new direction and new chapter for this multi-talented beauty from across the pond.  While her music has always had an electronic influence, this is the first we've seen of Brown's darker, grittier edge and a lot of that is thanks to the song's Mercury Award-winning co-producer, The Invisible frontman Dave Okumu.

In the recently unveiled video clip, we see a violent yet beautifully modern reinterpretation of the age-old biblical tale of Samson and Delilah (a theme for the new album) which, at the end is revealed to only be the first part in a visual/musical saga that Brown hopes to unveil leading up the the album's release in the fall.  The clip, in fact part of a short film, was directed by Met Film School graduate Jessica Hughes and produced by Brown herself.  It's nice to see Brown taking hold of the entire creative process here - something that I think she was struggling with following the surprise success of her first album.  In seeing Brown live twice, you could tell that she was bursting with originality and creativity and unfortunately, these 2 things are often the first to go when your dealing with record label politics.

For the past couple of months, V V Brown has been teasing us international groupies, throwing out invites to EXCLUSIVE secret gigs in London (*SHAKES FIST*) where she has earned rave reviews from those in attendance.  I'm still waiting for her to unleash her talents here in New York City, something which I hope will happen closer to the album's release here in America.  Until that time, Brown is working on promoting her new material in her home city - London, with a series of recently announced "intimate" headline shows including an appearance at the Great Escape Festival.  Each of these very special gigs will allow fans the chance to see V V in her element, backed by her full band performing new tracks from the album.  Check out a list of tour dates below and make sure you watch the stunning video for "Samson."

"Samson" is set for release via Brown's newly established record label, YOY Records on July 14th.  Make sure you give it some love over on Hype Machine!

Tour Dates:

June 16th - White Heat Presents V V Brown at Madame JoJo's
June 26thHoxton Bar & Grill

Check out V V Brown on the web:

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