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Another Album Art Update

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Album Art Update

Another album art update! Do I need to apologize? I don't think so. I love this stuff so I'm just going to keep going. With the exception of the Preston artwork (from Covermania), everything comes from Coverlandia.

Preston - Dressed To Kill
27 year old Samuel Dylan Murray Preston AKA Preston is HOT. Just check out this interview he recently did with Popjustice. Skinny, tattoos, funky haircut - what's not to love? Oh. He's got a great voice to boot! Preston was the lead singer of the British indie band, The Ordinary Boys, which saw some modest success over in the UK. He also finished fourth on Celebrity Big Brother back in 2006. "Dressed To Kill" is the first single off his upcoming solo album, Whatever Forever, due out sometime this Fall. The single was released this week and features remixes by Michael Gray, James Doman, Juan Kidd and Starsmith.

Paulina Rubio - Causa y Efecto Urban Mix

This is a hot track...well...the original version is anyway. I haven't listened to the "Urban Mix" just yet. I haven't really listened to much of Paulina Rubio since her 2002 hit "Don't Say Goodbye." Rubio's had a great deal of success on Billboard's Latin Charts over the years, but hasn't really ever hit mainstream radio as hard as she did with her Border Girl album. This song makes me want to listen to her new album, Gran City Pop which came out in June and has already sold 200,000 + copies in the U.S. The second single is "Ni Rosas Ni Juguetes" and was released on August 14th. (P.S. - check out this Spanglish duet of "When You Say Nothing At All" with Ronan Keating.)

Katharine McPhee - Unbroken
I'll be doing a more in depth Katharine McPhee post at a later date, but for now, here's the recently released album artwork for her second solo record, Unbroken (out October 6th). As I mentioned in my last album art update (this morning), the first single from Unbroken is "Had It All" and that's out now digitally. Still lovin' the blond bob and the subtle bits of pink. Nice album artwork.

YES! It's about time we got some artwork for this track. Jordin is looking mighty fit! The second single off of Jordin Sparks' Battlefield album and follow up to the title track, "S.O.S. (Let The Music Play)" is a radio-friendly pop jam. It's due out October 5th in the UK and contains a heavy sample of Shannon's 80s dance classic, "Let The Music Play." I love this song and am definitely ready for something more up-tempo from Ms. Sparks. While I agree with some bloggers/critics that this song isn't horribly original (I mean more than just sampling another song!) it's fun and has major Top 40 potential. The video was shot by Chris Robinson, who also worked with Sparks on the "No Air" video. Don't forget to check out this Matt Pendergast remix of the track. Hopefully we'll get some more remixes in the not-to-distant future.

Jade Ewen - My Man I'm not going to go into much detail about Jade Ewen, other than to say I love this album artwork. When I mentioned her "My Man" video earlier this month, I included a press photo of Jade. Turns out the same photo was cropped and used as the single sleeve art. She looks great!As for remixes...I still haven't heard anything besides the Cahill mixes, which I'm still enjoying the quite a lot. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing her album, Punching Out, due in September.

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